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Currently only the forge,nexus and study have been implemented. The nexus and study are pretty much finished, the forge has a long way to go, but is fully functional. u can also fast travel from anywhere in the home.
Accessing the home is done by activating the book automatically added to your inventory “Teleport Home”. It can be used literally anywhere as far as i can tell. Cheat at your own discretion.

Has a bunch of bookshelves. Though only about half work without https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2885/? which i highly recommend.

Has a very simple bedroom, all the magical themed workbenches including staff crafting and dis-enchenter.

The teleporter room has teleporters to the guild halls of every join-able faction except the bards. Teleport destinations unlock as you progress through the relevant quests (more to be added later).

Has 4 manequins.

The fancy dias now grants buffs that last 7 in game days (at the cost of a filled grand or black soul gem).

Central Hub, a large hall of mannequins and weapon/shield racks. This is mostly just to connect the areas in an aesthetic way. I consider this room to be 99% finished, but i might come back to it later.

Has all the armour and weapon smithing workbenches.
Has some more mannequins for  all of us hoarders.
Has all vanilla standing stones (should inherent any effects from other mods, just like the normal stones).

Garden: (not implemented yet)

Arena:(not implemented Yet)

Future plans before full release in order of importance to me-ish:

  1. Fixing major bugs
  2. finish the forges asthetics
  3. Add a subject,test dummy, slave to the small cells
  4. Garden
  5. Arena
  6. Merchant
  7. Navmesh
  8. Add an optional cost to teleporting
  9. Follower (will probably end up in a different mod)

Known Bugs & issues include:

  • Without Unlimited bookshelves about half the shelves don’t work properly
  • Can’t reach some of the higher shelves
  • DB teleporter thinks its a door sometimes
  • The dispel option doesn’t work

If you have requests or bug reports; please leave a detailed comment in the relevant sub-forum.

Recommended mods include:


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