Kodaxmaxs Kenshi Overhaul – Update 1


Steam version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2404127478
Nexus version: https://www.nexusmods.com/kenshi/mods/817/

Crossbow day! These are harder to make feel unique, as the options aren’t as diverse as melee weapons and one of them is literally just a MKII of the other. But I managed to get them to a point I’m happy with. So for all you Kenshi marksman, enjoy raining hell on the enemy.

New Features:


Tooth Pick

  • Inaccurate even for skilled marksmen.
  • Can fire sticks, pebbles etc.. effectively giving it infinite ammo.
  • Can fire very quickly.
  • Slow projectiles.
  • Ineffective vs robots
  • Range increase from vanilla
  • Damage is lower and more random


  • Fires 3 simultaneous projectiles, consuming as much ammo
  • Quite inaccurate
  • Effective vs robots
  • Can use all sorts of stuff as makeshift ammo including
  • All bolts, animal claw/horn, teeth, raw iron/stone, skeleton eye, spring steel, iron plates


  • can use both longs and heavy bolts
  • low bleed
  • Extremely high damage. At max skill and quality, can one hit KO alot of weaker enemies
  • Very effective against robots
  • great projectile speed
  • good range
  • Very inaccurate and slow to load


  • Average easy to use weapon
  • can use any bolt
  • low range
  • effective against animals

Oldworld bow MkI

  • Significant bleed
  • good accuracy
  • good vs animals
  • great range
  • good projectile speed
  • Can only use regular bolts
  • very light

Oldworld Bow MkII

  • Best bleed
  • good accuracy
  • good damage
  • good vs animals and humans
  • great range
  • good projectile speed
  • Can only use regular bolts
  • very heavy

Eagles Cross

  • almost as much damage as a springbat
  • Can only use longs
  • Extremely accurate
  • good bleed
  • Fast projectiles
  • Heaviest bow
  • very effective at piercing skeleton chassis


Tooth Picks

  • Much lighter
  • Cant be stacked, due their poor an irregular craftsmanship
  • 30 bolts to a bundle
  • low value

Regular Bolts

  • Can stack up to 3 bundles, due to their uniform construction
  • otherwise unchanged

Long Bolts

  • Can stack 3 bundles
  • only 7 bolts to a bundle

Heavy Bolts

  • Actually heavy
  • can stack two bundles
  • Expensive

Checkout the video:


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