Kodaxmaxs Kenshi Overhaul – Update 2 races and bugs

Kenshi New Races Update

Steam version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2404127478
Nexus version: https://www.nexusmods.com/kenshi/mods/817/

Races today! I tried to stay true to their original specializations and prioritized lore. So the balance will probably be off until i can get time to do a few playthroughs or get a some feedback. Though the only one im really worried about is the soldierbot, but as there fairly rare in game, it’s up to you the player, whether you want an OP death squad on game start or not.

New Features:

Minimum Damage resist at 0 toughness set to vanilla 65% extra damage taken, from 90%

WIP – clothing restrictions changed

New playable race! Meet the Leecher Descendant:

  • immune to acid, rain and gas
  • 150% combat speed
  • 80% max movespeed
  • walks/swims beneath the water
  • 600% swim speed
  • will actively seek out water when traveling.
  • Don’t bleed
  • low dex multiplier 50%
  • heal 5x faster
  • hungry 5x faster
  • max blood is 100
  • can slowly heal without treatment
  • great at anything that involves brutal up close killing
  • bad at most work or science stuff
  • low limb health 60-100
  • not very observant
  • 50% str multiplier
  • Will eat anything biological, including books and living creatures. Don’t leave your blueprints around them.. – WIP
  • will eat crops, corpses and caged prisoners – WIP
  • Can be recruited from most bars, lower chance than most. – needs testing

Hiver Prince

  • Royal purple blood
  • make poor slaves
  • Regular combat speed
  • smaller path find radius
  • very fast 160 max speed
  • Decent swimmers
  • low bleed rate 40%
  • enhanced dexterity
  • average healing
  • get hungry 20% faster
  • low blood – vanilla 50
  • Bat at labour and avoiding friendly fire
  • great at roguery
  • low strength
  • good perception

Hive Soldier Drone

  • Bright blue blood
  • worth a fair bit as slaves – 200
  • immune to dust, gas and rain storms
  • little worse at swimming – 0.9
  • low bleed rate 0.3
  • 1.1 dexterity mult
  • heal 20% faster
  • hungry faster than other hivers
  • higher max blood – 80
  • will protect their head and main arm somewhat
  • will eat basically anything organic – WIP
  • Bad at anything requiring higher thought
  • Great at combat

Hive worker drone

  • darker blue blood
  • fast – 150 max
  • poor swimmer – 70%
  • highest bleed rate for hivers – 70%
  • great dexterity – 150%
  • low heal rate – 70%
  • good at physical labour related stuff
  • poor in combat or more advanced labour
  • low strength 80%
  • bad vision 50%

Skeleton – default

  • worth a lot as slaves as they require no food, no sleep, don’t generally make much fuss, often quoted as saying “ill just wait for the fleshbag to die in a couple decades, I’ve nothing better to do”.
  • Skeletons are slightly faster in combat than humans.
  • Faster than humans
  • Don’t really seem to notice water.
  • Leak fluid very slowly
  • Take much longer to repair themselves over time
  • Are fantastic at anything requiring inhuman strength or endurance, basic engineering, repair and avoiding friendly fire.
  • Suck at anything involving understanding human behaviour and society.
  • Incredibly perceptive.
  • Good at deflecting blows toward their heavily armoured chassis and away from their upper CPU.
  • Can carry animal backpacks with ease (may look odd).

Skeleton – P4 Unit, now playable

  • The more delicate unit cannot carry beast packs
  • vanilla speed – 70-110
  • 20% faster bleed rate than other skeletons
  • 10% heal rate
  • 90 max blood
  • Suck at physical activity and direct combat
  • Excel at intelligent tasks, including medical and repair

Skeleton Log Head MKII – now playable

  • Can wear shirts and shoes
  • 220 max speed
  • 30% swimspeed increase
  • 40% bleed rate
  • heal at 200% rate, due their generic easy to repair chassis
  • 80 max blood
  • 60% strenght multiplier
  • Fantastic with bows and turrets

Skeleton – No head MKII model – now playable

  • combat speed is 8o%
  • Swim speed is 70%
  • they do not avoid water, as they can’t really see it
  • They have a very low bleed rate at 5% due to most of their vitals being lost long ago already, their new form rewired to better serve survival, now that thought and sense are unavailable.
  • 50% dex debuff
  • heal at 300% they are designed to be easily repaired and already have many parts replaced.
  • have only 10% vision range
  • they make decent labourers, meat shields and vanguard. But aren’t good for much else.

Skeleton – Soldierbot Model now playable

  • 40% faster in combat
  • vanilla speeds 70-110
  • high bleed rate, their larger frame and superior servos eat through oil much faster than other models. 110%
  • good dex 120%
  • very slow heal rate at 10%, due to their advanced chassis and requiring rarer parts and more difficult techniques to repair. Probably why they were replaced by P4 units.
  • 150 max blood
  • slow self healing without treatment
  • 200% vision range


  • worth more as slaves
  • Excel at menial labor, athletics, using machinery and not shooting their buddies in the back.


  • mostly unchanged
  • good at crossbows and assassination.

Sheck – Playable

  • Shek are worth little as slaves, they are difficult to break and control. Most would rather die than obey.
  • They excel in combat, their mighty heart surging with adrenaline, gaining a 40% increase to combat speed.
  • They have slower turn rates
  • Larger collision box for pathfinding
  • Max Speed is 90
  • Very slow swimmers, their thick skeletons and muscle weigh them down.
  • Their larger gait allows for a faster comfortable walk speed.
  • Will go to greater lengths to avoid water.
  • Due to their superior circulatory systems the Sheck take 30% longer to bleed out then the average Greenlander
  • Not very Dexterous
  • Heal 20% faster
  • Get hungry 50% faster
  • 200 Max blood
  • Can heal long term wounds slowly without bandages.
  • They suck at anything resembling honest work, or anything that requires concentration.
  • They excel at anything that involves violently hitting or being hit with big sticks and most Sheck learn hand to hand combat and wrestling while young.
  • They are not very observant and enemies can get closer before they notice, they make excellent marks for thieves.
  • They will naturally block blows to the head and right arm with less essential limbs, meaning the head and right arm get hit less often compared to other limbs.
  • They are a hardy race and can both eat and enjoy a range of things such as:
  • Animal skin, foul raw meat, raw vegetables and grains, grog, raw meat, rotten food, sake and severed limbs. Yum yum! – WIP


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