Chaos Mode

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This is designed to be a sort of challenge mod or way to spice up playthroughs for veteran players on there 213th playthrough.

Essentially when triggered, Chaos Mode Activates an effect at random. It’s kinda like wild magic from DnD or having wabbajack cast on you.

Once installed a scroll will be added to your inventory. Activating this scroll will open the options menu. You can toggle the mod on and off as a whole, as well ass toggling individual effect categories and toggling triggers on and off.

Currently the only trigger is Magic effects being applied to the player. These include friendly and hostile effects, such as potions, being attacked by an enchanted weapon etc.. Concentration spells apply their effects every second and can trigger chaos mode repeatedly. So be careful with the heal spell or enemy wizards using flames!

We will be adding a trigger for every X seconds and on Cell Load and probably more.

Currently the only effects are self cast spells, most of which are beneficial. we will be adding many more and add an option for effects targeting nearby NPCs as well as yourself.

This mod can be uninstalled whenever you want, just make sure it is toggled off. It may still contribute to save bloat, but that’s a vanilla skyrim issue and can be solved with some third party tools.

It can also be installed at any point in a game and is not only compatible with everything, but will even inherit changes to the used spells and magic effects.

Known issues:

  • the menu will sometimes close without saving your button click. For now just reopen the menu and make the choice again.
  • I haven’t thoroughly tested all effects used. some can have quest breaking effects, like glitching you through a wall with whirlwind sprint. make sure to save often and please report any issues, to help improve the next version.


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