Balanced Leveling 1.0 – Feature complete

Balanced Leveling

I decided to finally learn Mod Configuration Menus, as planning the options and features around the many many restrictions of skyrims message boxes was giving me a headache and requiring i draw flowcharts.

So now balanced leveling has an MCM and i can provide alot more options in a much easier to use format. SkyUi is still optional for the mod, but without it your stuck with the default 1 of each attribute per level. Which is fine for some people.

For the curious, setting up MCM for creation kit is easy, but pretty hard to do without instructions ( the only ones i could even find were from Darkfox127 on youtube from 5 years ago).

New features:

  • Can now toggle the mod on and off within mcm – the function that does the stat manipulation checks for a global variable that is toggled by the mcm button.
  • You can toggle Stamina, Health and magicka independently
  • You can set how much each value is changed per level. This is retroactive and won’t take affect until your next level up. you can also choose negative values from -50 to 50 in increments of 0.5 for each attribute.
  • There is an option to remove bonus stats
  • You can hit a button to force the mod to calculate attributes now (when all menus are closed). So you don’t have to wait for a level up to enjoy any settings you changed.
  • Note the calculate and remove stats buttons adhere to the individual stat toggles.

Get the mod here:

If you have a request or ideas for more features please leave comment or use the contact page.


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