How I back up my files

First i use google drives desktop app, which uses a portion of your chosen drive as space for temporary storage. So it can upload or download files at it’s leisure following your settings. I throttle both download and upload speeds, so they don’t get in the way of other tasks.

I then use cloudHQs brilliant sync wizard tool to sync the entire google drive with a onedrive account one way. Meaning Onedrive copies files from google docs, but google docs doesn’t copy file from one drive, creating a redundant backup.

In conclusion this means the files are stored on my physical drive, google drive and onedrive automatically. Can be accessed and used normally from anywhere with google drive and recovered from one drive should both the physical drive and google drive fail.

It’s important to note google drive has a maximum size of 15GB for free and OneDrive only 5GB. So probably best to keep your HD video on youtube.

This is mostly a reminder for future me, but if it helps anyone out or anyone wants to share their methods, all the better.

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