Shock, lightning and electricity begone


No more Shock sounds!

With this mod the aim is to eliminate all vanilla references to shock, including sounds and visuals. The current features include:

  • lightning shapes replaced with beams or flames
  • storm atronach has flickering beams instead of lightning
  • made flickering affects 200% transparent (you cant see them now).
  • Swapped shocksounds with illusion and restoration spell sounds.
  • enchanted effects are now a basic red, with no shock effects.

Get the mod here:

There are almost certainly shock effects i’ve missed, please report them if encountered.

This should be compatible with everything and will even work with modded spells, which use vanilla visual and audio assets (which is most mods). No esp required, just loose files. either put them in data folder or install with a mod manager.


0.2 – I banned lightning across skyrim

New Features:

  • all shock sounds changed
  • many shock effects recolored to green or red
  • Flickering on sparks, storm atronach etc.. removed.
  • A couple meshes i previously missed, found and altered

Info on how i did it for nerds

I used NVDIAs texture tools exporter to edit the .dds of the flickering and set to an alpha of -2, AKA transparent.

I am manually altering spell effects with custom Anti Magic effects or fire and frost. and sparks to use fire or frost visuals and changing the description to match.

Affected magic effects so far:

  • crShockDamageConcAimed – Sparks
  • ShockDamageFFAimed75 -ThunderBolt

I quickly realized the above was dumb and gonna take ages, so im now attempting to extract the .nifs for shock meshes, sounds and effects. Then rename other equivelent non shock effects as the shock files and load them as loose files, for compatibilities sake.

This should mean that nothing gets broken and any mods using vanilla shock effects, will also inherit these changes, without any compatibility issues. Worst case, the projectile doesn’t look right.

  • Casting art are in meshes/magic and dictate the effect of having the spell equipped and hands raised.
  • Casting light can be ignored, it’s just the passive bluish light that emanates from the casting art.
  • hit effect art –
  • hit Shader – the effect that displays when a character is hit by a spell or under the effect of a cloak.

I then realized i would still have to go through each one by one, so tried another approach.

I extracted most of skyrims bsas and used Everything by Voidtools search tool, to search for shock, lightning etc.. in the extracted directory. There’s almost certainly some stuff i missed, doing it this way, but i wouldn’t have found it manually anyway and hopefully people report anything i missed. It should be easy to find once i know what it is.

Anyway, the next step is to replace all of these files with equivalent non shock ones.

Im going through and checking them with nifscope, to figure if they even need to be changed and to find similar non shock ones.

  • fxatronachstormskinlightning – made empty model , no reasonable replacements
  • shockspider meshes – its just a pastel blue spider.
  • potion bottles meshes – are just boring bottles
  • explosionshock01 – just a blueish sphere
  • fxshockcloak01.nif – vaguely lightning. Replaced with fxicecloak01.nif
  • lightningmassbolt03.nif replaced with iceprojectile02.nif – may look odd

That didn’t seem to work either. so i followed the creation kit spell spark back to its effect files and replaced those and it worked! see the video below

0.1 – Release

So far ive removed the shock spells from J’zargo and gave him a much more sensible spell arsenal (he doesn’t even have his own “J’zargos flame cloak in vanilla). A little extra mana, and the destruction tree perks. – this was the primary request and could be done quickly.

I’m currently experimenting with different methods for removing other shock related stuff. Simply deleting them results in an infinite loading screen, and probably breaks a whole bunch of stuff, while manually editing each instance would take weeks, if not longer.


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