Balanced Leveling 1.1 – So much More!

Balanced Leveling

A user requested that carry weight be added, which gave me the idea to add a few other options too. The creation kit wiki doesn’t have any explanation of actor values though. luckily i found a wiki that does:

I’m also adding some tooltips and such, after studying up on the woefully undocumented MCM. using the and a lot of trial and error i managed to learn a few ne tricks.

New features:

  • A tonne of new actor values
  • MCM options for all of them
  • updating to a new version of the mod should be fine
  • The default feature of +1 of each attribute per level remains for those who don’t want to use the MCM. But those people can also just stick to version 1.0

That actually took a pretty long time and most of it was tedious data entry. So im gonna leave this version alone for at-least a fortnight to collect bug reports and ensure i don’t burn out.

With all these options, there’s a lot of room for roleplay as well. Set your physical stats to get lower as your character ages, while his magical skills grow (actually that might be a fun overhaul to flesh out on it’s own). Allow your character to build up magical resistances from her continued exposure to magic. Or just lower your regen and carry weight each level to challenge yourself.

Get the mod here:

If you have a request or ideas for more features please leave comment or use the contact page. If you like my work remember you can support us without spending money. Details on the contact page.


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