Golden Progression

This mod allows you to purchase skill XP with gold via the mcm. Leveling up works as normal and you can’t directly buy player levels. Neither game nor the SKSE exposes the required code for that (though i believe some modders accomplished it with .net plugins, which are beyond my current skill).

Skills already require differing amounts of xp to level up, so i will leave the balancing to the vanilla values. This also means mods or buffs that alter xp gain and how much xp is required to level up a skill are full compatible.

I get the xp values from here: , but obviously mods that change the leveling curve may throw the balance out, but are 100% compatible otherwise.

Current Features:

  • pay gold to buy skill xp with gold, via the MCM menu

Planned Features:

  • Display xp required for next skill level up
  • Purchase perks
  • option to disable normal skill xp gains
  • option to charge gold for saving the game
  • Purchase other actor values or attributes


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