Golden Progression 0.2

Thanks to cocacrispy find the correct functions and a great example of how to use them, i managed to implement a bunch of planned and requested features. There also many more to come!

I was stuck, unable find away to get skill level xp values and how much xp would be needed to level a skill up. SKSEs ActorValueInfo functions were just what i needed, asid from the lack of documentation. Thankfully cocacrispy found an example amongst the scripts of the SXP mod (which you can find here: oldrim, SE).

As a bonus these functions open up a tonne of potential for many features, allow the editing of skill xp gain multipliers, player level itself and even legendary level for skills.

For this update the new features include:

  • Mouseover buttons and slider buttons to view details about skills xp
  • view xp for current skill level
  • view xp required to level skill up
  • view current skill level
  • view current gold
  • Slider defaults the amount of xp required to level up.
  • Tooltip explaining the gold to xp ratio for each actorvalue

Unfortunately i found the creation kit has a character limit on papyrus scripts. You cant add characters beyond a certain point in the default editor. luckily i found you can add and change as much as you want using an external editor like notepad++ an the default editor will still debug and compile for you.

This combined with me getting sick and some other family stuff, meant this update is a little lackluster and has some bugs, i didn’t get time to fix. But is actually less buggy than 0.1.

Get the mod here:


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