Golden Progression 0.5

Busy week a few false starts and full code rewrite, so we are skipping to 0.5.

I found i can add “\n” to some text fields to create a line break. So the formatting and readbility of the tooltips is greatly improved. heres an example:

SetInfoText(“Current level is:” + hArmCurLvl + “Remaining Gold = ” + playerGold + “\n” + “Current xp is: ” + hArmCurXP + “\n” + “xp required for next level is: ” + hArmXpToLvl + “\n” + “you need ” + (hArmXpToLvl – hArmCurXP) + ” More xp to level up this skill”)

  • fixed one handed skill defaulting to required xp when the player doesn’t have enough gold.
  • Fixed values not updating properly during state changes (when click a button or accept a slider values update correctly).
  • Fixed xp required for next level being calculated incorrectly. Current xp is not reset when a skill levels up as i thought it was.
  • Altered tooltips to reflect the new calculation mentioned above.

Thanks to pragasette on reddit i figured out i was using the wrong functions to calculate the XP values:

Get the mod here:


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