Random Start – A Unique Beginning. Mod for Kenshi

See more details and mod links here: https://digineaux.com/random-start-a-unique-beginning-mod-for-kenshi/

This mod adds 3 new starts to Kenshi. They will randomize most variables for the start of the game with different parameters depending on which you pick.


The first option is completely random stats, from -100 to 100, each individual stat can fall anywhere between those 2 numbers. I find the negative stats can really add to Kenshis’ already humorously punishing experience. You can end up with with a character that causes damage when he tries to apply first aid for example, which is fun.

The 2nd start is basically the same as the first, but the stats are between 0 and 100. So no roleplaying an inept surgeon. I made this one by request, as understandably some people don’t enjoy getting too screwed over by RNG.

The third option picks random predefined templates, rather than randomizing individual attributes. The templates are the same ones the game uses to generate NPCs, with a bunch of extra ones I made. You also have a small chance to get the first two options applied to a character as a class. This ones probably the most balanced, as your literally just getting existing NPCs as playable characters. Though of course you could potentially end up with a squad of faction leaders if your super lucky.

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