Wizards Pocket Study – bug squashing

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This is just a minor update to the description, to clean-up the appearance and clarify the current features list, with some nice visual examples.


This is a fully featured player home for Skyrim SE (actually it probably works in oldrim to, i should test that). It’s a magic themed portable home, with everything the hoarding mage needs.


Bedroom and Study

Tonnes of bookshelves (require unlimited bookshelves to work properly) in the messy bedroom and study. Tables with notes and maps litter the room among the bookshelves, with enchanting and alchemy workspaces in the corners. It’s dripping with magical decorations to ensure you don’t get bored and even has a (somewhat unreliable) dais that can grant buffs in exchange for soul gems. This room has 4 mannequins and teleporters to major guilds that update as you unlock new guild halls and entrances.


The Forge

The forge is Dwemer themed and all the smithing tools and benches are close together to help ease the tedium of smithing. There’s also a more mannequins and target dummies around, with some neat animated lava pumps to fuel your forge.


Down the other end of the forge is your very own artificial Dwemer Sun, which casts lovely shadows. Against the wall is a full set of Standing Stones.


The Nexus

The central hub connecting the other rooms together and main display room. With 4 rows of mannequins and weapon racks and some animated scenery, fit for a mage of your standing.


Other features!

Accessing your new pocket dimension is easy. The next time you awake into the world of Skyrim a “Teleport Home” scroll will be added to your inventory. Simply read it an be whisked away safely to your Pocket Study

*neither kodaxmax nor Digineaux takes any responsibility for temporary of permanent blindness to the Dragonborn and will denies any claims of this scroll causing such.

Fast travel from anywhere inside the the Pocket Study!

Raid the supplies, notes and maps of the previous occupant!

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