Craftable Bound Weapons

Allows the player to craft and temper fully functional permanent bound weapons and arrows. Can be crafted at any smithy for 2 filled grand soul gems and tempered for 1 grand soul gem at any grindstone. Fully compatible with relevant perks and most perk mods (bound weapons inherit perks both from conjuration and their relevant skill trees, one handed, archery, 2 handed etc.). These wondrously weightless Unbound weapons are unseen when not in use and can be given to followers.


Should be compatible with everything.


  • Cannot be enchanted. Their perk compatibility and visuals are applied via an enchantment in vanilla. Altering this would cause compatibility issues and I’m not sure the visuals even can be applied any other way.
  • They also don’t have inventory textures and the enchant effects disperse when sheathing the melee weapons, rendering them invisible while sheathed and being invisible or incorrect images in the inventory screen. This is purely visual.



Added the mystic versions, which is the slightly stronger weapons you get when using the mystic conjure weapons perk in vanilla. I’m pretty sure the only difference is that they have higher damage values. Mystic versions cost twice as many black soul gems and require 75 smithing or conjuration.

New Items:

  • unbound dagger
  • Mystic Unbound Dagger
  • unbound mystic sword
  • Mystic Unbound Bow – NPCs consume ammo
  • Mystic unbound battleaxe

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