Synergetic Perk Overhaul

This mod is in very early stages of development and is not very playable. I have no plans to continue working on it as bethesdas archaic engine and therfore modding tool make me want to punch things when i use them.

I give full permissions for this mod and the ideas in the excel sheet to be used by anyone for any modding project, so long as credit is given ( a link to this page or website is fine).

Get the mod here: AdFly
This will alter and/or move most perks to give specialist builds more options and make hybrid builds more reasonable.  Rather than locking you to a specific weapon or spell school, you might simply focus on damage or spell duration for example.
Ideally most perk trees will have something to benefit most builds, without making too many perks that are absolutely essential to a build. Perks are also less specific, spell magnitude perks in the elemental tree now effect all spells, while perks increasing the magnitude of specific spells were replaced for example.

Some Features:
In vanilla phasmalists had to spend 3 whole perks, before they got any benefit at all. Now you can get the basic features with one perk.
Sinistrope now focuses on improving debuffs, spell durations and summons. As such it’s talents have been replaced with summons and debuffs. In my opinion the vanilla talents didn’t even fit the vanilla sinistrope tree apart from the flavor text.


0.3 Update

  • Focus: rank II allows dual casting for all spells
  • Focus: Rank III automatically casts focus when entering combat.
  • Throat cut: sneak attacks now do 2x damage.
  • Assassin: spells are silent and sneaking in wolf form is silent.

0.2 Update

  • removed edits to the skeleton leveled weapon list. Bone judges now also pull from a custom list which includes staves and a bow.
  • Bone judges now start with 300 arrows whether they have a bow or not.
  • Elemental adept: all spells 70% more powerful
  • Elemental Expert: all spells 95% stronger
  • Impact Perk: Dual casting elemental spells, causes them to stagger while magicka is at 75% or higher (enabling all spells would require manually adding the effect to each spell, making it incompatible with modded spells without a manual patch. we might fix this later).


This should be compatible with everything. Though obviously other mods that effects the same perks will overwrite or be overwritten depending on your load order (last loaded/ lowest in the list overwrites previous mods).

We are looking for people to test the mod and brainstorm some perks!

It would be a huge help if people could mention if a perk effect is or is not working. Even if you just use the mod during normal play and make a note of it as it comes up.
Have an idea for a perk we’ve not yet finished? add your ideas to this sheet:
Or the comments section.
We are interested in hearing balance concerns as well!

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