Golden Progression V2 1.0!

Finally Version two has fully working basic features. I had a breakthrough learning the applications of functions that streamlined the process significantly and reduced the amount of code to around 30% of what it was.

I also swapped out the clunky sliders for snappy buttons and overhauled the features to buy entire skill levels rather than individual xp. Because i mean… what was i thinking? why would anyone want to buy individual xp and have to worry about all those associated calculations? If you did prefer that please leave a comment and let me know.

Currently skill level costs are “current level * current level”. But i would like some ideas on better curves or formulas, as this tends to result in really cheap early levels and super expensive later levels. Anything over level 90 costs over 9000 gold for a single level! I will also be adding an option to change the cost multiplier of levels asap, as a temporary fix.

Get the mod here: AdFly

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