ARCHIVE – WazHack Unnofficial Modding GUI – Alpha release

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A graphical interface for creating class mods for WazHack. It’s not pretty but it works… usually. The basic features are there and working. But i need helping testing stuff and finding bugs, so keep the bug reports coming!

video here:

  1. click “code”. The green button in the top right of the main github page.
  2. click “Download ZIP”
  3. Extract the zip to wherever you want (you can always move it, copy or delete it at any time).
  4. Run the .exe application within the folder
  5. Make any changes to the default values you wish, if any
  6. click “save class” in the top right
  7. open WazHack
  8. From the main menu click “mods”
  9. enable the mod you just created by clicking the tick next to it’s name
  10. Start a new game

The program will compile the input into a text file formatted for WazHacks class modding features. It will also create a mod folder and meta file.

Default values are set so that you can run the program, click save class and it will generate a mercanary class and a mod folder and meta text for it. All you have to do after saving your class is to open WazHack and enable your newly created mod. By default the mod is called “Made With Wazhack GUI by Digineaux” and will be found in: “C:\Users”computerOrUserName”\AppData\LocalLow\Waz\WazHack\mods\Made With Wazhack GUI by Digineaux”

If a mod does not load correctly in game, it will likely have an error shown in red text when you view it in WazHacks mod menu. Please screenshot or copy paste that error when reporting issues. Please report issues stemming from this program to me. Waz the WazHack dev has nothing to do with this app and likely wouldn’t appreciate receiving bug reports for it. Additionally i can’t deal with bug reports that get sent to somone else.

I prefer bugs be reported to the nexus mods link

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