Augmented Augment Augmentations

Buffs the strength of a bunch of weak and broken augments. Please note some augments are bugged beyond my ability to fix and some are designed so poorly they may as well be bugged. I’ve noted this in the mod notes sections of the below table.


  1. Copy the included “nativePC” folder to “Steam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC”
  2. Overwrite when prompted
  3. Enjoy


This will not get your pawn banned for renting. If someone uses your pawn in their game the augments will behave normally and not receive changes.

This is not compatible with any mods that alter “Steam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC\rom/game_main.arc” unless you merge them. Mods editing augments cannot be merged either.

“game_main\param\pl\other/PlAbilityParam.ablparam.xml” is the file containing augments.

AugmentOriginal EffectNew EffectModders Notes
FitnessHalf stam drain when holding small creatures, bombs and rocks.UnchangedPlan to buff this in the next update. Bombs and rock are extremely situational and your always better off doing damage than grappling these enemies.
Sinew+20 carryweight+60might buff this further. Inventory management is chore enough and spending an augment on it feels wasteful.
Eggression0.50* stick wiggles to escape grab attacks*0.25
1/4 the wiggles
Narrow use case and pawns almost always escape without this. So needs to be worth picking up.
Prescienceperfect block window increased from 5 to 10 frames.15 frames
0.25 seconds at 60hz
Dark souls dodge is 11 frames.
Pawns perfect block nearly everything without this.
Exhilaration 1.35* strength at 30% or less HP.Unchangedsurviving at low health is quite easy in this game with certain augments.
Endurance+100 stam+500 stamThis augment was useless and still is probably weak.
Vehemence+10% strength+20%Made no sense for it to be a weaker version of another augment.
Vigilance+100 HP+500HPThis may still be too weak.
Leg Strength1 encumbrance rank lower.3 ranks lowerNeeds testing. Note there is a hidden rank below the lightest rank displayed in inventory.
Arm Strength50% less stam drain when climbing creaturesUnchangedThis augment also encourages pawns to climb more.
GritThe stationary out of breath animation becomes 3 breaths instead of 5.around one second per breath.1.7ish breaths/secondsThis isn’t that useful as pawns will come and restore a bit of stam before you finish the animation usually. Pawns usually don’t let their stam get this low.
DampingRemoves long and shortbow recoilUnchangedI can only increase the recoil. This can be quite useful for the player anyway.
Equenamity1.2* Magick at 30% or less hp1.5Restored to pre nerf status.
Beatitude1.5*duration on halidom, anodyne and jewel of health3*this does not effect the lingering heal over time, only the visible aoe that is summoned.
Perpetuation30% longer lasting weapon enchants100% longeri think we can agree casting weapon enchants is not fun and pawns waste alot of time doing it.
Attunement 1.1* Magick1.2*Now matches Acuity 2hich does the same thing
ApotrapismEach instance of incoming Magick damage is reduced by 3082.5the original value was 100 in the code, Its now 275 which should equate to 82.5 damage reduction.
PeripheryBlocking is 50% more resistant to staggering75%Most players claimed this augment made no noticeable difference.
Sanctuary99.99% physical damage resistance when below 30% hpUnchangedThis is the most powerful augment.
The code value is 1.5, not sure how it’s calculated.
RestorationResuscitated pawn gains 75% HP instead of 50%85%Encourages playstyles other than damage spam. Stacks with wanderlust ring.
Retribution1.2x pawn damage for 1 minute after being resuscitated 1.6Makes a supporting build more effective
Reinforcement As far as anyone can tell this is 1.2x defense’s for 1 min after being resuscitated.UnchangedThis is extremely powerful lategame when U have high defense’s.
Normally resistance maxes out at 96%, this bypasses that hardcap.
FortitudeIncoming phys damage is reduced by 30(you will always take at least 1 damage).UnchangedMany mobs of enemies basically cannot hurt you, even in hard mode.
WatchfulnessWhen weapons are sheathed you take 20% extra damage, this augment reduces that to 10%0% bonis damage received.This augment is pretty useless, you get the same effect by simply drawing your weapons.
Resilience 0.5* fall damage taken0.1*This does not affect lethal fall distance unfortunately.
Regenerationregenerate 1 HP every 3 seconds (0.333′ per second)10 per 3 seconds (3.333′ per second)1 per second is useless. It literally faster to jog to an inn than wait for this to heal U. It would take a level 25ish character nearly an hour to heal fully.
AllureAppears to be bugged and do nothing.10* original value.Effect might be detectable at 10* value.
BastionIncoming phys damage is reduced by 50UnchangedVery strong. Makes U pretty much immune to small enemies like goblins and bandits.
Awarenessincoming magick damage is reduced by 5080Magic is higher damage, but less frequent.
Impact1.299″ * knockdown power for all skillsUnchangedThis is a fantastic skill as is.
Endurance+100 stam+500100 is barley anything.
Dexterity 2* faster ledge climb animation5*This augment is useless.
Intervention+15% debilitation resistance.30%Most but not all debilitations are effected. This is not chance based, like dark souls debilitations build up a bar that applies the debuff when full.
Adamance0.5* stamina cost when blocking.0.8*
Bloodlust+20% attack and defense between 9pm and 4 an6pm to 4 amThis now matches in game time keeping and pawn lanterns behaviour.
Entrancement+ 100 stam between 9pm and 4am1000 stam between 6pm and 4amthis perk was just insulting.
Sanguinamity +100 HP between 9pm and 4am+1000 HP between 9pm and 4am
Detection1.5* radius of map revealed10*This should speed things up for those wanting to quickly open up their map
Potential+100 stam+1000 stam
Proficiency25% less stamina consumed by physical mele skillsUnchanged
Ferocity1.1* core weapon skills1.2*
Clout1.2* strengthUnchangedAlways active, always useful
Efficacy1.2000000477* Curative potency1.3All health and stam from consumable is increased. Very nice
Radience 20% greater lantern range200%Im not sure this is a % as the Wikis claim. Everything the player can see is lit up.

Unfortunately still useless for pawns which must have some sort of hard cap.
Suasion1.1499999762* better prices at shops.5* (i may have messed this one up)This is a hard one to balance. You can easily just equip a party of pawns and yourself with this every time you want sell anything and then just switch back. So it basically doesn’t even take an augment slot in practice.As such i consider the above to be an exploit and the augment brokenly underdeveloped. So now you can cheat for even better prices if thats your thing. Or feel less punished for using it as intended.
Eminence30% more strength when jumpingUnchangedThis works for all physical attacks and skills. It also encourages pawns to jump before attacks and skills.
Stability Immunity to stagger and knock down from explosives, roars and wing based wind.Unchangedim not sure what altering this would do. But it’s a solid augment anyway.
Temerity0.5* damage taken while charging a physical skillUnchangedNot a great augment, might buff this
Trajectory1.2999999523* arrow range10*This is a nearly useless augment. Enemies hit from this range are generally outside of the games active AI anyway, meaning they are functionally invulnerable. Im sure someone can find a fun exploit for 10x distance though.
Audacity15% less knockdown power recieved while charging physical attacks40%Now pawns with charging attacks arn’t as useless.
Gravitas15% less knockdown power receved when intoning spells40%Now mages and sorcerors with upgraded spells arn’t as useless.
Inflection50% less damage taken while intoning a spellUnchangedDamage mitigation bloat is a big problem in this game. It’s very easy to become unkillable with this augment and others. Not to mention somone enmies would get this as well, making them more of a slog to kill.
Conservation15% less stamina consumed by staff and arch staff skills25%
Autonomy20% increased magick and attack, phys and mag defense100%your losing 3/4 or 75% of your combat potential without 3 pawns.
Toxicity3x faster poison buildup on enemiesUnchangedThis does significantly help with poisoning enemies. However poison does such low damage why even bother.
Morbidity1.2999999523 (1.3x faster debilitation build up)1.5xTorpor,sleep,silence,tar and petrification from skills and arrows, not spells.
Magnitude1.5(x stronger debilitation spells)UnchangedThis is pretty strong. But be sure to check the wiki as to what spells actually count.
Precisionox arrow spreadUnchangedDoesn’t apply to magick bow. Encourages pawns not to use skills that prevent movement(some ranger skills) and use bow more often.Situational but effective, you need to build around it. Im not sure if modding it would have any effect.
This augment does absolutely nothing. You get bonus damage from sneak attacks without the perk and the perk appears to change nothing. Multiplied in hopes that if it does do something, it will be more noticeable.

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