Choice Cacophony of Classes

Wazhack Class mod

This is a collection of classes for WazHack, designed to begin as specialists in a certain playstyle. Though they can evolve into anything, due to the nature of the game. They can also work as roleplay prompts of course.

Try Wazhack for free here:


Extract the contents to  “AppData\LocalLow\Waz\WazHack\mods” and you are done

Downloading it via Steam Workshop will automatically install it for you!

Change Log


  • Removed holy book from the monk due to it being an invalid item
  • Removed rothe meat from guard. due to containing an unrecognized character it is an invalid item.
  • Fixed various missing items on other characters

3.0 – Wazhack 1.4 update!

  • Gnomish shop keepers golden monacle was removed – it was causing the game to lock up. – working on fix
  • Gnomish shop keepers wizardry talent is now spelt correctly and should show up in game.
  • Mystic Tinkerer fixed golden monocle miss naming.
  • mystic tinkerer removed cursed ring of invisibility – it was causing character selection to freeze up – working on a fix


  1. Ancient Lich: Though his body and mind have decayed some, he is still a very capable mage.
  2. Gnomish shopkeeper: A shrewd gnome backed only by his wits (and rather large coffers). A rodent of questionable intent has followed him from the scene of his crimes. A welcome company given the newfound scorn of his once brothers.
  3. Town Guard: On his last legs, this elderly Ex-Adventurer was not content to wait idly for the reaper. Will he claim one last legend or succumb to his ails? What does it matter! One last story is all he needs. Donning his armor and calling to his loyal mutt, off he limps to the deadly dungeons.
  4. Elven scout: Expert marksman and student of the forests. Will she complete her mission and escort the young Gnomish prince or take the amulet for her-self?
  5. The Despoiled: Out of the frying pan and into the fire, escaping slavery by diving headfirst into Wazhacks dungeon may not have been the improvement this goblin was hoping for. This class is not hard mode but does require you to know a bit about the game.
  6. Monk: His gods sent him a raven, a boon or an omen? No matter, should his faith falter, a solid bonk from his club should see him through.
  7. Swashbuckler An exotic rogue and expert in misdirection. His intimidating Python always turns heads providing an excellent opening for his skullduggery.
  8. Cursed one: Unwanted even by her own brethren, will the legendary amulet free her from her curse? or will the adventure prove the value of her afflictions?
  9. The lovers: This pair of love sick adventures have decided to spend their honeymoon exploring the legendary dungeons of Wazhack. What could go wrong?
  10. Master Chef: Her unique dishes scorned by the wealthy elite she decides only a majestic dragon could possibly understand the intricacies of her forbidden dishes, perhaps even the other inhabitants of wazhack would provide strange and unique new ingredients!
  11. Mystic Tinkerer: A proud rogue of a performer skilled at all forms of crowd bewildering trickery, has consorted with many evil beings in the pursuit of popularity and wealth. He begins his latest daring stunt, claiming the legendary amulet of Zaw from the dungeon of Wazhack!
  12. Dragoon: After losing all but his armaments to the mighty Dragon, the Dragoon seeks to avenge his comrades and trusty steed. Will his mastery of sword and spear be enough? Will this pesky Raven leave him alone?
  13. Unlikely Duo: lonely Mindflayer and restless Dwarf team up, but only one can truly claim the dungeons prize…

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