WazHack Unofficial Modding GUI

The program will compile the input into a text file formatted for WazHacks class modding features. It will also create a mod folder and meta file.

Get the mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/wazhack/mods/2

Source files also available in the optional downloads!


  1. Extract the zip to wherever you want (you can always move it, copy or delete it at any time).
  2. Run the .exe application within the folder
  3. Make any changes to the default values you wish, if any
  4. click “save class” in the top right
  5. open WazHack
  6. From the main menu click “mods”
  7. enable the mod you just created by clicking the tick next to it’s name
  8. Start a new game


Current features:
Creates a working mod folder, meta text file and class file in wazhacks modding directory.
Users can edit the following:

  1. mod name
  2. mod description
  3. class name
  4. class description
  5. skills
  6. talents – won’t allow you to pick too many 
  7. inventory items – infinite
  8. race
  9. pet race
  10. sex
  11. stats including total and dice calculations – manual input for now
  12. Alignments – infinite
  13. belief

How it Works

The program will compile the input into a text file formatted for WazHacks class modding features. It will also create a mod folder and meta file.
Default values are set so that you can run the program, click save class and it will generate a mercenary class and a mod folder and meta text for it. All you have to do after saving your class is to open WazHack and enable your newly created mod. By default the mod is called “Made With Wazhack GUI by Digineaux” and will be found in: “C:\Users”computerOrUserName”\AppData\LocalLow\Waz\WazHack\mods”

Known Bugs

 expect many until full release, reporting them significantly increases my development speed, by like days per report often.
If a mod does not load correctly in game, it will likely have an error shown in red text when you view it in WazHacks mod menu. Please screenshot or copy paste that error when reporting issues.
Please report issues stemming from this program to me. Waz the WazHack dev has nothing to do with this app and likely wouldn’t appreciate receiving bug reports for it. Additionally i can’t deal with bug reports that get sent to somone else.
You can contact me directly at Digineaux@gmail.com or

Invalid Items

Most items probably wont work yet. Wazhack needs them to be worded, phrased and grammared very specifically and the names in the code rarley match those on the wiki or sometimes even in game. This will take time to test and fix



  1. Fixed issue where the program tried to save to a non existent file path due to getting your Microsoft login username instead of the name used for PC file paths. Nerd info below
  2. WIP – Cleaned up the escape menu a bit
  3. WIP – Added some quick links to the escape menu, linking to your mod folder, this site, the wazhack wiki,, the official modding guide and the wazhack storefronts.

Nerd info

Previously i was using "System.Environment.UserName" to get the PC username as a string and then add that to another string with the rest of the filepath.
So essentially the above would give me “DigineauxsPCName”, which i save as a string and i would add that into the string for the full filepath with: "C:\Users\" + userNameString + "\AppData\LocalLow\Waz\WazHack\mods"
However after “upgrading” to windows 11, I found this gave me an “UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path … is denied”. After some trial and error and alot of googling i realized the user name i was getting did not match the system file paths. Rather than “DigineauxsPCName”, I was getting “DigineauxsMicrosoftUsername”. Some more googling later i found “System.Environment.GetFolderPath(System.Environment.SpecialFolder.LocalApplicationData)” which gives me “C:\Users\DigineauxsPCName\AppData\Local”directly. However as those of you paying attention my notice “local” and “locallow” are different folders. As far as i can tell, you cannot get “localow” directly, despite being able to get both “roaming” and “local”folders.

Luckily i had already developed a trick for that, as you saw earlier. I simply convert that file path to a string:
string appDataPathS = System.Environment.GetFolderPath(System.Environment.SpecialFolder.LocalApplicationData);
and then add the missing “low” along with the rest of path:
var filePath = appDataPathS + "low/Waz/WazHack/mods/" + modNameS + "/" + classNameS + ".txt";

I’m pretty sure this issue would have existed on win 10 and 7, but i just didn’t notice because i didn’t log in with a Microsoft account when installing windows 10 and creating the default admin profile. So the profile name inherently matched the system file paths and PC name.


  1. Changed UI color scheme to mimic Wazhacks.
  2. Added Escape menu, opened and closed with the escape key
  3. Escape menu contains navigation between screens
  4. Escape Menu features an Exit button
  5. Basic window mode settings
  6. New more fitting and eye pleasing background
  7. Better scaling for different resolutions and aspect ratios

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