Balanced Leveling

The stats bonus is now retroactive.

Stats are now calculated based on your current level at level up screen. So if you cheat and raise or lower your level or a mod alters it, this mods stat bonuses will alter accordingly upon the next level up screen.

The stat bonuses are now retroactive and dynamic. so even if you install it mid playthrough at level 50, you should get the correct bonus stats. But it will not take effect until your next update.

Planned features:

  • options menu
  • force calculate stats now button
  • choose which stats are affected
  • choose how much by per level
  • toggle mod

Get the mod here:

If you have a request or ideas for more features please leave comment or use the contact page.


Balanced Leveling 1.1 – So much More!
Modding / Skyrim Special Edition / Updates

Balanced Leveling 1.1 – So much More!

A user requested that carry weight be added, which gave me the idea to add a few other options too. The creation kit wiki doesn’t have any explanation of actor values though. luckily i found a wiki that does: I’m also adding some tooltips and such, after studying up on the woefully undocumented…

Balanced Leveling
Modding / Releases / Skyrim Special Edition

Balanced Leveling

Made by request; upon level up all 3 attributes are increased by 1 in addition to regular level up rewards. Compatible with everything, can be added and removed at any time! Added stats can be removed by the ModAv console command; player.modav statToModify -(currentLevel-1) player.modav magicka -3 Get the mod here: If you have…

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