The Starfield Creation Kit Jank Log

Im gonna list stuff that doesn’t work and details on things that might be confusing in the creation kit so you don’t go mad trying to figure out why it isn’t working. Im not any kind of expert, though ive made a fair few mods and dicked around the CK and alot. But no one else is doing this including bethesda. Also i need this for my own sanity.



  1. GetHealthPercentage 1.0=100% 0.0 = 0%
  2. IsSwimming
  3. IsTimeSpanAnyNight: returns 1 when it’s night. i only tested 2 planets tho.
  4. IsSprinting
  5. GetMovementDirection
  6. IsTimeSpanAnyDay: returns 1 when it’s day. i only tested 2 planets tho.

Working, with caveats:

  1. GetEquippedItemType: works, but it’s not clear what some of the values are, as it uses skyrim temrinology and are likely different in starfield. >6 does seem to return true for all ranged weapons i tested. 0 is likely unarmed and 1-6 are still mele weapons most likely.

Not working: Doesn’t return a value.. As far as i can tell entirley non functional.

  1. IsSneaking
  2. IsRaining
  3. IsInCombat
  4. IsInWater
  5. IsWeaponOut

Perk Entry Points

  1. Mod Armor Weight: Value doesn’t update until inventory events are called, like picking up an item or consuming an item. Events still seem to trigger for 0 weight items which seems like ineficient code.
  2. Mod My Critical Hit Chance: Works as intended. Value is %, 10.0 = 10%.
  3. Mod My Critical Hit Damage Mult: cirt damage is multiplied by this.
  4. Mod Incoming Weapon Damage: Not functioning
  5. Mod Sprint Oxygen Drain: works.

Magic Effect Archetypes

  1. Etheral: Makes the target immune to damage, but nothing else. It doesn’t disable their ability to fight like in skyrim.
  2. Frenzy: Doesnt function.
  3. Peak Value Modifer: works as expected. Just remember to tick the “Recover” checkbox.
  4. Invisible: Doesn’t function.
  5. Paralyze: Doesn’t Function.

Actor Values

  1. CarryWeight: Bugged. It’s not a clamped value so can go negative and on top of that the negative value causes an overflow and it loops back around to the maximum carryweight value which is likely the highest float or double the engine can handle. Ontop all that changing it through a perk or spell doesn’t seem to trigger encumberance emchanics, though the ingame number in the inventory will change.
  2. HealRate: is not a multiplier. 4.0 healrate will heal 4 hp per second.
  3. Health: Alters current health. Effect on max health is unclear.