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  • WazHack Unofficial Modding GUI

    The program will compile the input into a text file formatted for WazHacks class modding features. It will also create a mod folder and meta file. Get the mod here: Source files also available in the optional downloads!

  • Minecraft modded server in 30 easy steps

    1.16.4 forge Requirements: Setting up a vanilla forge server Congratulations you should have a working vanilla Minecraft server! Now onto the modding;

  • Choice Cacophony of Classes

    This is a collection of classes for WazHack, designed to begin as specialists in a certain playstyle. Though they can evolve into anything, due to the nature of the game. They can also work as roleplay prompts of course. Try Wazhack for free here: Downloads Features

  • Augmented Augment Augmentations

    Buffs the strength of a bunch of weak and broken augments. Please note some augments are bugged beyond my ability to fix and some are designed so poorly they may as well be bugged. I’ve noted this in the mod notes sections of the below table. Installation Compatibility This will not get your pawn banned […]

  • AMP Installing to the wrong drive or directory fix

    AMP by Cube Coders is a fantastic game server management tool, automating and simplifying alot of otherwise headache inducing tasks related to managing such servers. However it does have some rough edges. In this case it will install files to the first empty drive it finds or otherwise seemingly a random drive, which is far […]

  • NeauxPop – Game Release

    This is a quick little browser based clicker made in three days as a personal challenge. It’s a bit rough, but i learned alot. Watch a short gameplay clip here: NeauxPop by Digineaux

  • Synergetic Perk Overhaul

    This mod is in very early stages of development and is not very playable. I have no plans to continue working on it as bethesdas archaic engine and therfore modding tool make me want to punch things when i use them. I give full permissions for this mod and the ideas in the excel sheet […]

  • Craftable Bound Weapons

    Allows the player to craft and temper fully functional permanent bound weapons and arrows. Can be crafted at any smithy for 2 filled grand soul gems and tempered for 1 grand soul gem at any grindstone. Fully compatible with relevant perks and most perk mods (bound weapons inherit perks both from conjuration and their relevant […]

  • Shock, lightning and electricity begone

    No more Shock sounds! With this mod the aim is to eliminate all vanilla references to shock, including sounds and visuals. The current features include: Get the mod here: There are almost certainly shock effects i’ve missed, please report them if encountered. This should be compatible with everything and will even work with modded […]