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  • Wizards Pocket Study. A Mobile Player Home

    Get the updated mod here:

  • Skyrim SE Scripting Tutorial part 4: Manipulating actor values and functions

    Last time AdFly: We prepared the OnLevelUp functionality and began the feature script and quest object. This time we will be writing functions that grab the values from our mcm sliders and buttons to set actorvalues to a specific value upon leveling up. We will go through modify actor values, writing functions and using functions […]

  • Skyrim SE Scripting Tutorial part 3: OnLevelUp

    Last Time AdFly: we made a basic MCM menu, in this tutorial we will laying the foundation for adding some functionality to it. Every time the player levels up a notification will trigger. With this knowledge you can then trigger nearly any function on level up. You can view the official documentation for the event […]

  • Balanced Leveling V2 release! 2.0

    With default settings, upon level up all 3 attributes are increased by 1 in addition to regular level up rewards. Specifically changes will be applied after you choose a stat to increase during the normal level up process and then close the menu. This is unavoidable, as it’s the only time a script can tell […]

  • Golden Progression V2 1.1

    fixed tooltips not having uniform formatting fixed button text not having uniform formatting Added current gold to button text for live updates Added new cost formula: (current skill level + offset) * multiplier Default offset is 3 and default multiplier is 17 Added new page: cost settings Players can now alter the cost formula, even […]

  • Skyrim SE Scripting Tutorial part 2: Scripting the MCM

    Skyrim SE Scripting Tutorial part 2: Scripting the MCM In this video we will script the actual buttons and contents of the menu! You can view the completed code in the written guide here: … via YouTube

  • MCM Scripting Tutorial

    Heres part two of this tutorial series. I will go over scripting the mod menu and by the end we will have a basic mod configuration menu with buttons and sliders!. If you have any questions or spot an error, feel free to leave a comment or use the contact page. See the first tutorial […]

  • Lets play modded Enderal Ep 5.1: Mod Settings and audio test

    Lets play modded Enderal Ep 5.1: Mod Settings and audio test I mess around with some mod settings, while testing out the Krisp program. Now you don’t have to listen to my breathing…. as much. This is an optional watch. via YouTube

  • Golden Progression V2 1.0!

    Finally Version two has fully working basic features. I had a breakthrough learning the applications of functions that streamlined the process significantly and reduced the amount of code to around 30% of what it was. I also swapped out the clunky sliders for snappy buttons and overhauled the features to buy entire skill levels rather […]

  • Golden Progression 0.6

    Fixed all but lockpicking, enchanting and alteration. May have issues if you update the mod and try to play a save that had previous version of the mod. Get the mod here: