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In addition to magic effects on the player triggering chaos mode, you can now set it to every x seconds! Up to a maximum of 600 seconds. This trigger uses real life seconds not in game seconds and doe’s not count time spent in menus or alt tabbed etc..

Known issue: This trigger will only start once a magic effect is on the player. This will be fixed in the next update.

Effects can include hundreds of new vanilla spells, including some that are normally unique to npcs, traps and scripted events. I did not include spells that require specific targets, like banishing deadra or resurrecting corpses.

You can now change the caster and targets of chaos effects, choosing between player only or random characters within 15ish meters. If an npc is the caster, they take the blame and will be targeted by guards or allies of the victim.

You can also now tell what effect was cast, with a handy notification, which also include the cater and target in future, as well as being toggleable.


Chaos Mode
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Chaos Mode

Get the mod here: This is designed to be a sort of challenge mod or way to spice up playthroughs for veteran players on there 213th playthrough. Essentially when triggered, Chaos Mode Activates an effect at random. It’s kinda like wild magic from DnD or having wabbajack cast on you. Once installed a scroll…

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