Enderal Mod Update

Craftable Bound Weapons: 1.1
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Craftable Bound Weapons: 1.1

Added the mystic versions, which is the slightly stronger weapons you get when using the mystic conjure weapons perk in vanilla. I’m pretty sure the only difference is that they have higher damage values. Mystic versions cost twice as many black soul gems and require 75 smithing or conjuration. New Items: unbound dagger Mystic Unbound…

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Synergetic Perk Overhaul 0.2 update

Changes: removed edits to the skeleton leveled weapon list. Bone judges now also pull from a custom list which includes staves and a bow. Bone judges now start with 300 arrows whether they have a bow or not. Elemental adept: all spells 70% more powerful Elemental Expert: all spells 95% stronger Impact Perk: Dual casting…