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  • Fixed all but lockpicking, enchanting and alteration. May have issues if you update the mod and try to play a save that had previous version of the mod. Get the mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/49140

  • Busy week a few false starts and full code rewrite, so we are skipping to 0.5. I found i can add “\n” to some text fields to create a line break. So the formatting and readbility of the tooltips is greatly improved. heres an example: SetInfoText(“Current level is:” + hArmCurLvl + “Remaining Gold = ” […]

  • Thanks to cocacrispy find the correct functions and a great example of how to use them, i managed to implement a bunch of planned and requested features. There also many more to come! I was stuck, unable find away to get skill level xp values and how much xp would be needed to level a […]

  • This mod allows you to purchase skill XP with gold via the mcm. Leveling up works as normal and you can’t directly buy player levels. Neither game nor the SKSE exposes the required code for that (though i believe some modders accomplished it with .net plugins, which are beyond my current skill). Skills already require […]