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  • Last time AdFly: We prepared the OnLevelUp functionality and began the feature script and quest object. This time we will be writing functions that grab the values from our mcm sliders and buttons to set actorvalues to a specific value upon leveling up. We will go through modify actor values, writing functions and using functions […]

  • Last Time AdFly: we made a basic MCM menu, in this tutorial we will laying the foundation for adding some functionality to it. Every time the player levels up a notification will trigger. With this knowledge you can then trigger nearly any function on level up. You can view the official documentation for the event […]

  • Heres part two of this tutorial series. I will go over scripting the mod menu and by the end we will have a basic mod configuration menu with buttons and sliders!. If you have any questions or spot an error, feel free to leave a comment or use the contact page. See the first tutorial […]

  • Grab the sdk from the github of skyui or grab the scripts from the mod and put the .psc files in “Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Source\Scripts” and the pex files in the normal “Data\Scripts” Launch CK and open your mod (you don’t need SkyUi as a master). For this tutorial select the skyrim esm and update esm. […]