Tag: Skyrim Mod Release

  • Balanced Leveling V2 release! 2.0

    With default settings, upon level up all 3 attributes are increased by 1 in addition to regular level up rewards. Specifically changes will be applied after you choose a stat to increase during the normal level up process and then close the menu. This is unavoidable, as it’s the only time a script can tell […]

  • Golden Progression V2 1.0!

    Finally Version two has fully working basic features. I had a breakthrough learning the applications of functions that streamlined the process significantly and reduced the amount of code to around 30% of what it was. I also swapped out the clunky sliders for snappy buttons and overhauled the features to buy entire skill levels rather […]

  • Craftable Bound Weapons

    Allows the player to craft and temper fully functional permanent bound weapons and arrows. Can be crafted at any smithy for 2 filled grand soul gems and tempered for 1 grand soul gem at any grindstone. Fully compatible with relevant perks and most perk mods (bound weapons inherit perks both from conjuration and their relevant […]

  • Addon – crafting restrictions removed for Craftable Unenchanted Clothing weapons armor and staffs

    This is an addon made by request, you can view it here AdFly. It simply removes the perk and quest completion restrictions on all the items added by the fantastic Craftable Unenchanted Clothing weapons armor and staffs by User_1134155 on the Nexus. It obviously requires the original mod to be loaded first/ above it. Get […]

  • Golden Progression

    This mod allows you to purchase skill XP with gold via the mcm. Leveling up works as normal and you can’t directly buy player levels. Neither game nor the SKSE exposes the required code for that (though i believe some modders accomplished it with .net plugins, which are beyond my current skill). Skills already require […]

  • Balanced Leveling

    Made by request; upon level up all 3 attributes are increased by 1 in addition to regular level up rewards. Compatible with everything, can be added and removed at any time! Added stats can be removed by the ModAv console command; player.modav statToModify -(currentLevel-1) player.modav magicka -3 Get the mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/47910 If you have […]

  • Ordinators Vancian magic less crippling

    What? By default Ordinators Vancian perk prevents casting by setting a Magicka drain at like 99999 per second or something. I significantly reduced it, so now you could chug a potion and quickly throw a spell or 2 before your mana drains away again. Get the mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/34152? Get the awesome Ordinator Perks Of […]

  • Wizards Pocket Study

    This is a fully featured player home for Skyrim SE (actually it probably works in oldrim to, i should test that). It’s a magic themed portable home, with everything the hoarding mage needs. Get it on the nexus here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14923 Bedroom and Study Tones of bookshelves (require unlimited bookshelves to work properly) in the messy […]