Synergetic Perk Overhaul

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Synergetic Perk Overhaul 0.2 update

Changes: removed edits to the skeleton leveled weapon list. Bone judges now also pull from a custom list which includes staves and a bow. Bone judges now start with 300 arrows whether they have a bow or not. Elemental adept: all spells 70% more powerful Elemental Expert: all spells 95% stronger Impact Perk: Dual casting…

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Synergetic Perk Overhaul – Enderal Mod

Get the mod here: AdFlyThis will alter and/or move most perks to give specialist builds more options and make hybrid builds more reasonable.  Rather than locking you to a specific weapon or spell school, you might simply focus on damage or spell duration for example.Ideally most perk trees will have something to benefit most…