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If you have a preffered app or payment gateway for tipping and donating people leave a comemnt below or email directly.

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Some links will take you to a page making you views some ads before reaching the destination. These are clearly marked and earn me some pennies. They are a great way to indirectly support me and my work.

However they carry some risk and i don’t have much control over how they are displayed to you. You should never be forced to complete any activities or download any software by these links. There should always be a “skip” or continue to link button on the page, though they can be somewhat hidden. If this is ever not the case please take a screenshot and report to me via any of my contact details or the comments. Theres also an uncommon case where clicking the continue to link button will open a popup instead. You can simply close the popup and click the link again and you will be taken to the true link. However you may need to do this a few times before it loads the true link.

Yes these are annoying and i am indefinetly searching for more user freindly options.