Extraordinary Elves

Makes both subraces equally extraordinary in their own way with some thematic buffs. This mod will make Elves much more powerful, in line with my other race mods. Elves are inherenlty attuned to magic, getting a basic ritual. Wood elves are faster than ever and High elves have magical boons beffiting their nature.

Level 1: Normal Elf bonuses +

Wood Elf: Bonuses may not be displayed on character creation screen. I think this is an engine limitation.

  • Double base movespeed (9+9=18). 
  • Double base jump range (4.5+.4.5 = 9).
  • Jump range is also increased by 1 for each strength above 10, a lesser known vanilla feature. i want to point it out so you dont panic if your numbers look off in game.

High Elf

  • 2 cantrip choices. They should scale of your primary casting attribute if your a spell casting class. Otherwise they either use int or the highest out of int/wis/cha.
  • Warcaster Feat – You don’t get the shocking grasp cantrip. So if your not using the War Caster 5e mod or similar you will need to pick Shocking Grasp to make use of the attack of oppurtunity feature.

Level 3: both subclasses pick a ritual from the following:

  • DisguiseSelf
  • FindFamiliar
  • SpeakWithDead
  • SpeakWithAnimals
  • DetectThoughts
  • Jump
  • FeatherFall
  • Silence


  1. Drag the .zip onto Baldurs Gate 3 Mod Manager s window.
  2. click refresh in the mod manager or restart the program
  3. drag the mod from the right hand list to the left, if it isn’t already.
  4. If you want to ensure this mod overwrites any incompatible mods changes place it below the other mod. if your installing it to an existing save game thats already modded, i reccomend putting it high in the list.
  5. click the export to game button
  6. done. Though i reccomend also saving your load order.

I do not reccomend or endorse any other mod managers or install methods.


  • Respecing will ussually fix any issues on existing saves.
  • Companions cannot choose theire level one cantrip and are stuck with the default, since respeccing does not allow changes to racial level one features. Complain to Larian.
  • When multiple mods effecting elves are loaded, the one loaded lowest/last in your load order will ussually overwrite any incompatiblities from those above/before. But no significant issues should arise.
  • The cantrip list uses the wizard cantrip list like the normal high elf cantrip list and is fully compatible with any mods altering that list.
  • The ritual list is a custom list and require manual patching to use rituals from other mods. Feel free to request spells from other mods, it’s trival to add.
  • Adds an entry to Lists/SpellList.lsx. But should be fully compatible with anything else that does the same
  • In Progressions/Progressions.lsx it alters the following entries and is unlikely to be compatible with any other mods that do the same:
  • Elf level 3
  • HighElf level 1
  • Wood Elf Level 1


  • 0.4
    • Removed High elf int bonus
    • Removed high elf move speed bonus
  • 0.3
    • Has 2 cantrips selected by default
    • Fixed origin and hirelings not getting their extra cantrip
    • Fixed extra cantrip blocking level ups when respecing
    • Added Compatiblity Framework requirement
  • 0.2
    • Removed wisdom bonus from wood elf.
    • Removed erreant bonus stats
  • 0.1
    • Released