My way or the highway



A kenshi stat overhaul.

Currently implemented but untested:

  • You can hire mercs for longer periods.
  • Mercs will offer to let you rehire them at a higher rate before leaving.
  • Recruit mercs at the end of a contract if they like you and your extremley wealthy (474,000).
  • attack slots upped to 4. Basically means 4 times as many combat interactions can happen at once. instead of 4 enemies taking turns to hit you they can hit you at once, it doesn’t mean they will, but they can. This of course gives a buff to larger forces vs high skill and well equipped forces.
  • dodging is about 70% faster, so martial artists can actually use their attacks. This is faster than blocking as it should be, it is harder to train after all.
  • Crossbows and weapons have been changed to be more specialised. I havn’t change damage much. The horsechopper actually excels at dismembering large creatures now, for example. Descriptions have been altered to reflect their intended role
  • Added special club and xbow.

I reccomend the Better Mercanary Contract mod here: It does a much better job of modifying mercanaries then me. load it below my mod in the load order.


  1. Subscribe on Steam Workshop
  2. Enable mod in the mods tab of the game launcher
  3. I reccomend using this as a base and letting other mods overwrite it. But if you want this mods changes load it at the bottom.


Compatible with everything.