Random Start A unique beginning to Kenshi



This mod adds 3 new starts to Kenshi. They will randomize most variables for the start of the game with different parameters depending on which you pick.

  1. Full random – Stats can be between -100 and 100.
  2. Semi Random – Stats between 0 and 100.
  3. Picks randomly from the games existing character templates. With a small chance of getting one of the above templates. I have also added some more reasonable templates that the game can pick from. This is is ussually the most balanced option, but can skew into very strong squads. Equipment is less random and prosthetics are much rarer.

The following attributes are full randomized:

  • Weapon
  • Crossbow
  • Armor
  • Ammo
  • Backpack
  • Start location
  • Number of Characters
  • Stats
  • Bounties for player characters
  • Prosthetic limbs – should be fairly uncommon
  • Names
  • Races
  • Slave State (not slave, escaped, ex slave etc..).

This does not randomize animals. Unfortunately it was causing crashes and other issues. You can still change your race, appearence and name during character creation if you want to.


  1. Subscribe on Steam Workshop
  2. Enable mod in the mods tab of the game launcher (load order should not matter for this mod)


Compatible with everything.