Stupid Invaders Crashing or freezing on button press or click FIX



This fix was successfully applied to the retail disc version of the game, on a windows 10 machine, on the 10/05/2022.

First try running it in compatiblity mode:

  1. Right click on the shortcut or executable
  2. Select “Troubleshoot Compatibility”
  3. Select “Try recommended settings”. This will probably apply a windows XP service pack compatibility.
  4. Click “Test the program…”
  5. If that fails, close the troubleshooter window and try the next fix.

The Stupid Invaders 2000/XP Patch

  1. Go here:
  2. On the right hand side under download options, click on “WINDOWS EXECUTABLE”
  3. Open and run the downlaoded executable.
  4. Select “PATCH!”
  5. Wait for the confirmation message, then close the patch window
  6. Launch the game

Hopefully your game is now working fine. These are the steps i used to get it working for a client, but if they don’t work for you heres some other stuff you can try: