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Stat growth in this game is dumb, it only punishes players for changing vocations, it has almost no practical effect on actual game balance. For example for a magick archer the physical attack stat is almost irrelevant so why nerf it? It will just make switching to a physical damage focussed class very punishing. HP and stam is a little tricker, stam can dramatically change your playstyle and DPS and HP is the overall balance of how long you can go before needing to stop and rest or do crafting. A player can easily (though tediously) grind healing items to make it almost irrelevant outside of a tough battle. I don’t think i can fix it here, so i just averaged the health of all vocations rounding down. Stamina is harder as mentioned, but it also varies the most of any stat between vocations, from 10-30. Some vocationas literally having 3x more stamina than others. I decided to just use the highest of the 3 hybrids (27). It shouldn’t be game breaking, as a power gamer could level a ranger and have even more stamina for example.

Regular stat growths for comparison:

New stat growths, gained per level:

Lvl RangemAtkpAtkmDefpDefHPStam
201+ (mostly likely it isn’t possible to level past 200)
see mmhmmhmmmmmmms comment here


Drag the included “game_main.arc” to “Steam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC\rom”

Your done.


This modifies game_main.arc and will not work with any other mod that has the same file, unless you merge them. They will overwrite eachother otherwise. Pawns cant use hybrid vocations and thus are unnaffected by this mod. There should be no issues with intalling or removing this mod on existing saves. However it’s likely stats wont be retroactively updated in either case. So if you spent 100 levels as asssasin and then install this mod, the stats gained for those 100 levels probably wont change.

Files Altered:

  • game_main.arc
    • Game_main\param\pl\level/LvTrickster.lvl
    • Game_main\param\pl\level/LvPaladin.lvl
    • Game_main\param\pl\level/LvAssassin.lvl


  1. Follow this guide to extract the “game_main.arc” from this mod and any other mods you wish to merge.
  2. Make sure you move the extracted files to a different folder before extracting another .arc file
  3. Copy the relevant class .xml files from “Game_main\param\pl\level/” into the same directory but at the extracted mod you want to merge
  4. Navigate to the newly merged “game_main” folder and drag it back onto the batchfile
  5. Follow the install instructions above, but with the newly created “game_main.arc”