Terrific Traits for Starfield




A mod for Starfield, Terrific Traits adds.. You guessed it! some additional and terrfic trait options to character creation in Starfield. Let’s get right to it:


  • Food and beverages are twice as effective.
  • But you move 10% slower.


  • +10% crit chance while below 25% HP. 
  • But you take 50% more damage while at 50% or higher HP.

Merson::-This should be activated in wet weather and standing in water. But the conditons for those 2 seems to be bugged in engine.

  • You consume 0 oxygen while Swimming
  • You regenerate 2 HP per second while Swimming.

Like the Wind:

  • Sprinting consumes 50% less O2
  • Sprinting is 25% slower

Jeckyll Hyde:

  • At night your mele has a +10% crit chance
  • At night your ranged weapons deal 0 critical damage
  • During the day mele and ranged is swapped.

This should be compatible with litterally anything that doesn’t use identical record IDs. No vanilla records have been altered and these are implemented exactly the same way as bethesdas traits. Let me know if soemthing is incompatible.

Get it here: https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/9750