Wacky Wild Magic

wild magic DC example

Alters Wild Magic chances with or without tides of chaos. various versions. Wild Magic is a woefully mundane DC 20(5%), with tides of magic DC 11(45%). A miserable washout, wanting for modification.

We made wonderous modifications, with minute waffling:

  • Wacky Wild Magic: DC15 (25%)
  • Wacky Tides of Chaos: DC5(75%) after using tides of chaos
  • Wacky Wild Magic and Tides of Chaos: the above 2 combined
  • Wackiest Wild Magic: DC2(95%), tides of chaos DC1(100%)


  1. In the top bar of Baldurs Gate 3 Mod Manager, in the shortcuts section open the mods folder
  2. extract the .pak to that folder
  3. click refresh in the mod manager or restart the program
  4. drag the mod from th right hand list to the left
  5. If you want to ensure this mod overwrites any incompatible mods changes place it below the other mod. if your installing it to an existing save game thats already modded, i reccomend putting it high in the list.
  6. click the export to game button
  7. done

I do not reccomend or endorse any other mod managers or install methods.




Anything modifying the Wild Magic chance or Tides of Chaos may be incompatible. They wont cause a crash or anything gamebreaking, the one loaded last will simply overwrite the others.

Checkout Wild Magic D100 Table: https://www.nexusmods.com/baldursgate3/mods/2967
Which adds a tonne of new effects to the wild magic table. If you want to use their tides of chaos changes than make sure you arn’t using the ones from my mod. it wont cause any issues, just one mod will overwrite the others. My mod is 100% compatible with wildmagic table.


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