Wizards Pocket Study



Wizards Pocket Study

This is a fully featured player home skyrim mod for Skyrim Special Edition and Anniversary (it probably works in oldrim too, but i havn’t tested that). It’s a magic themed portable home, with everything the hoarding mage needs.

The Bedroom

  • Contains haphazard arrays of the bookshelves.
  • A makeshift bedroom, clearly designed by a knowledge hungry drunkard.
  • Misc maps and documents strewn about the tables and some animated bookshelves and other surprises littered about to give the place gravitas.
  • At then end of the room are a series of teleporting doors, who gain more locations as your progress in the relevant factions.
  • In the main study area you have all the magical workbenches you could want, even a staff making altar.

The Forge

  • The Forge is Dwemer themed, complete with an asthetic contraption feeding lava into your smelter and forge. The workbenches are similarly placed asthetically, but still very near eachother for convenience.
  • Some equipment is placed around the area as a display.
  • Unussally large manequins are placed around the circumference of the room, ready to show of your most prized peices.
  • In the centre of the room is a Dwemer sun providing a nice shadow casting light across the room.
  • Near that is your infinetly respawning Dummy. Feel free to test your newly made equipment on them and don’t fear their death. A single button push and a new dummy is spawned.
  • At the end of the room is a full set of standing stones for your convenience. If your going to test a new build you should have access to everything you need.

The Nexus

The nexus joins these two rooms with magical dome, themed after the interior of a soulgem. It has a variety of plants providing alchemy ingredients. There is also 4 rows of manequins and weapon racks to display your arsenal.

Additional Features

  • The home is easily accessed from anywhere using a scroll automatically added to your inventory upon starting the game or loading a save. Simply activate it and after a short animation you’l be whisked away safely to your new home.
  • While inside your pocket study you can fast travel as normal, because i like convenience.
  • A networked storage system is in place. A single chest exists in each room which all access the same shared inventory, again for your convenience.


These instructions assume you are using Mod Organizer or are familiar enough with your preffered mod manager to adapt the instructions yourself. If you need more help feel free to leave a comment or contact me, but i make no promises of responding.




Compatible with everything including Enderal

  1. Download the mod using the “Mod Manager Download” button. Link is in the downloads tab.
  2. In mod organizers “Downloads” tab double click the mod you just downloaded.
  3. Click “OK”
  4. click the checkbox next to the mod in the “Mod Name” list.
  5. Ensure the mod is below any of it’s requirements in the plugin list order


  • 0.6
    • Forge mannequins fixed.
    • Forge mannequin duplicates removed.
    • Forge mannequins are now very large.
    • Added grave marker to the forge cage, which spawns a dummy character. This intended to provide a test subject for your equipment and magic.
  • 0.4
    • Removed the duplicate mannequins from the forge.
    • Replaced the crummy old dwarven slab with a fancy double bed.
    • The bed now also should count as being a safe owned bed.
    • fixed the broken Aetherious storage in the forge. It’s activator wasn’t setup correctly.
    • Removed broken buff script from fancy dias in bedroom. There’s just no proper documentation for anything Papyrus related and CK won’t let me edit the source script for some reason.
  • 0.3
    • Added all vanilla standing stones to the forge.
    • Removed scene in the forge. The new standing stones now occupy that space
    • also added some books aesthetic books with effects to the study.
  • 0.2.1
    • Added the all important teleport script to the files, no wonder the tp scroll didn’t work *facepalms*
  • 0.2
    • The mages guild portal now teleports properly instead of removing your perks
    • The stormcloak, legion and dawnguard teleports now work correctly
    • Removed the 3 statues in the study
    • Added 4 manequins
    • Added 2 wardrobes next to the new manequins
    • Added a new buff system to the dias, accessed by interacting with the skull/soul gem
    • Added a temporary scene to the forge (i don’t like how it turned out so it will likely be replaced)