Augmented Augmentations 2



This is a mod for Dragons Dogma 2. It aims to improve the balance and enjoyability of augments in the game, which are both often wildly imbalanced and/or generally not much fun by default. Download it here:

Frobones on reddit made handy graphic with inital estimations of the details of each augment, based on data from the fexxtra life wiki here: However it doesn’t seem to be based on game files or rigid testing so a few thing may be innacurate.

My changes are listed below. Please note i have not finished every vocation/augment yet and many still require testing to confirm they are working, which i will note in each entry(no note means it’s working as intended). Additionally i don’t think the file i altered contains data for the augments non human enemies get. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments and please use the bugs tab on nexus mods for bug reports, makes it easier for me and other users.


It will conflict with an .pak mod editing Augments and descriptions for skills or augments, even augment si havnt touched as they are all in the same file. Very likely skills and other buff effects are also in this file. Script mods using REFramework should be compatible and overwrite my changes if they change the same things.  It edits the following files in the games main

  • natives\stm\appsystem\ch\common\human\userdata\parameter/abilityparameter.user.2
  • natives\stm\message\UI/job01act.msg.22
  • natives\stm\message\UI/job02act.msg.22
  • natives\stm\message\UI/job03act.msg.22
  • natives\stm\message\UI/job04act.msg.22
  • natives\stm\message\UI/job05act.msg.22
  • natives\stm\message\UI/job06act.msg.22
  • natives\stm\message\UI/job07act.msg.22
  • natives\stm\message\UI/job08act.msg.22
  • natives\stm\message\UI/job09act.msg.22
  • natives\stm\message\UI/job10act.msg.22

Online pawns:

This should be compeltly safe to use with online features. HOWEVER little is known about the anti cheat implementation, what it looks for and what can lead to bans or other actions. I take no responsibility for your modded game, if you use this mod you accept the risk that it may break your save, your game or lead to disiplinary action from the developers or game masters. That said, ive not had any issues so far in my own testing.
Also note that if somone hires your pawn they don’t get the effects of this mod, augments will behave normally for them unless they also have this installed. Pawns you hire will gain the effects of this mod while they are in your world, but will not effect the owners game. 

Installation: Use fluffys mod manager linked in the requirements. Follow the instructions they provide.

The Augments: if it’s in italics and bold it’s not confirmed to be working, but probably is working


  1. Thew – 25 carry weight.
  2. Dominion – 2000x duration for carrying and pinning down foes.
  3. Diligence – Recover from crawling 0.75 (75%) faster.


  1. Ambuscade – 1.25x more damage to incapacitated and unaware foes (basically anyone that would trigger the theifs critical attack animation). This may not work on large enemies aside from the elden ring style critical attack you can do when they fall over.
  2. Endurance – 375 more stamina.
  3. Radiance – Basically no oil consumption and 5x lantern radius.
  4. Lethality – 10% more damage to foes vitals.
  5. Avidity – 1.5x faster ledge climb, monster climb and crouch speed. Enemy climbing is untested.


  1. Asperity – 30 + 10% more debilitation build up caused by you. The % is likely applied after the flat increase. This should make spells and attack with few hits better at applying statuses, as well as those with many hits.
  2. Stasis – 0.0000001x food aging speed. The first value is set to 10.00, it doesnt seem to do anything.
  3. Constancy – +50% knockdown resist.
  4. Catalysis – +10% damage afflicted by elemental weakness. This is probably applied after all other damage calculations. It’s possible this is a flat damage increase not a % but i the wording is different ot other flat increases so i don’t think so.
  5. Sagacity – +30 magick and +10% base magick. – matching verve


  1. Beatitude – 20% more healing from curative consumables and magic.
  2. Intervention – Debilitations on you last half as long.
  3. Perpetuation – Buffs on you last twice as long.
  4. Exaltation – 25% faster stamina regen. Their are reports the vanilla augment doesn’t work.


  1. Gratification – restores 10% of your strength as HP on a killing blow dealt by you.
  2. Poise – 90% less stamina consumed by the veyr few grab attacks that drain stamina.
  3. Vigor – 50% less stam drain when clinging to foes. Climbing foes is almost always worse than just hitting them with ranged attacks or knocking them over or using skullsplitter or any of warriors upward attacks etc…


  1. Vitality – 375HP to match endurance
  2. Impact– 2x push and pull effectiveness. This is such a rarley used mechanic that you should be greatly rewarded for using it and especially spending an augment on it.
  3. Pertinacity – 100% better at breaking opponents guard. Super situational skill, may as well be noticeably effective. The only enemies that block are goblins and humans which are very weak foes. Unteted
  4. Dominence – 25%. This is hard to balance, it’s already so easy for warriors and sorcerors to knock down large foes without this perk, but 15% is not a noticeable increase. Ill probably end up nerfing this or returning it to default depending on feedback. The translated description for this augment is “Blow power”.
  5. Intrepidity – 0.5x damage to loss meter. This perk and the loss mechanic are pretty redundant due to the abundance of inns, wakestones and campires, as well as the ease the arisen can ressurect pawns in this game. This should atleast make it impactful against draconic foes for those underequipped or early game.

Mystic Spearhand

  1. Conveyance – 1.5x movespeed while carrying rocks, bodies, barrels etc… Ideally i wan this to make you move faster than normal while carrying, because that would be a fun playstyle change up.
  2. Opulence – 2.05x gold from gold bags and aproximately 95% less grinding gold bags if your that desperate for cash that you’d waste an augment slot on this.
  3. Polarity – +30 and +10% base strength/magick during day/night. In line with Sagacity and verve.
  4. Refulgance – 2.05x rift coins from RC bags and aproximately 95% less grinding RC bags if your that desperate for RC that you’d waste an augment slot on this.
  5. Athleticism – 0.5x stamina drained from dashing.

Magick Archer

  1. Sustainment – 30 + 10% base phys and magick defense to pawns.
  2. Voracity – 20% stamina recovered when dealing a killing blow. Not clear if it’s max stamina, base stamina or current stamina.
  3. Prolificity – 2.2x material drop rate for small enemies. Less grind = more good.
  4. Ascendancy – 30 + 10% of base Strength and magick for pawns. This is technically 3x stronger than other stat upgrades because it applies to 3 pawns, but pawns also deal much lower damage than the arisen due to misusing and missing their attacks.
  5. Amelioration – pawns take 4 less seconds to resurrect. It’s still a waste of an augment slot, but atleast now it might enable some fun gimick builds.


  1. Detection – 3.0 (double normal). I’m mostly curious as to what this value effects, i assume range. But will that bug out the flashing/beep frequency?
  2. Enlightenment – 50% chance of getting 2 items when crafting. Less grind = more good. You can abuse this by just waiting till your at town, equipping it and then doing all your crafting and unequipping it. I consider the effort and tedium of doing so fair compensation for this exploit.
  3. Fugacity – 0.000001% chance of getting raided while in a cart or camping. You can abuse with oxcarts same as above. I don’t think camp raids are even implemented in the game.
  4. Obsfucation – 0.5x enemy visibility sensor when not in combat. Presumably it’s sensor range and doesn’t apply to pawns. You may actually be able to assasins creed your way through some encounter now (though you can already do that with smokescreen, camo and formless feint).
  5. Allure – 5.1x affinity increase. May also effect decreases. Less grind = more good.


  1. Zeal – 0.85x weapon skill stamina cost. This seems strong at first glane. But in reality if you were able to cast 15 weapon skills with a single stamina bar this would only give you one extra cast. If you can only use fewer than 15 skills in a single stam bar than it does litterally nothing for you. I’d like feed back on how this one feels in practice.
  2. Dynamisism – You count as being 2 wight ranks lower for movement mechanics. In the first game this could below the minimum, though it didn’t display that on the UI. Presumably the same is true here.