Dragons Dogma 2 How to Mod Augments the .pak editing method

I want preface this with some caveats. You will need atleast 100GB free drive space. Modding dragons dogma 2 is very difficult and has alot of steps and requires a bunch of different software working in tandem. If your not used to modding or development, probably not a great project to start with. However you don’t need to know any programming for this.

  1. I reccomend creating a folder outside of the game somehwere to use for modding and doing everything inside it. But this just for your own sanity and is optional.
  2. Get FluffyQuacks REtool here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/36746173 or here: https://www.fluffyquack.com/tools/REtool.rar.
  3. Create a folder for it and extract the contents to it. name and location doesn’t matter.
  4. Next, go to your games install folder.
  5. Find the main .pak file and copy it into the RETool folder you made earlier.
    • This is optional so you don’t accidently edit the main file.
    • You should also copy a backup somewhere so you don’t have to redownload the game if you mess up.
  6. Go here: https://github.com/gibbed/DragonsDogma2-File-Lists/blob/main/re_chunk_000.filelist
  7. In the top right there is 3 horizontal dots, click them and select download
  8. copy the downloaded folder to your RETools folder.
  9. In the RETool folder look for “extract-pak.bat”.
  10. Make a copy of it.
  11. Right click on it and open it with a text editor. notepad or notepad++ will do fine.
  12. Delete the “-skipUnknowns” entry and ensure theres only one space between the remaining entries
    • From: .\REtool.exe -h re2_pak_names_release.list -x -skipUnknowns %1
    • To: .\REtool.exe -h re2_pak_names_release.list -x %1
    • Essentially this tells the extractor to extract all files. By default it will only extract filepaths you specify in this .bat. I find this method easier.
  13. Next replace “re2_pak_names_release.list” with the file name of the file we just downloaded
    • From: .\REtool.exe -h re2_pak_names_release.list -x %1
    • To: .\REtool.exe -h re_chunk_000.filelist -x %1
    • This tells the extractor to use the filelist we downloaded. Im not sure why this isnt default behaviour, ask the Author.
  14. Now drag the copied .pak from earlier onto the altered .bat
    • You should get a console window full of filepaths pop up. This will extract all files from the .pack and will probably take a while.
    • It’s safe to go do something else while you wait, but any games installed on the same drive will probably load very slowly.
  15. You should have a folder in your RETools directory called “re_chunk_00”, or whatever the filename of the .pak was. Open it.
    • If the only folder is “_UNKNOWN” you probably made a mistake when editing the .bat file. Double check capitlization, spaces and typos. Otherwise go back to step 9.
  16. Go here: https://www.sweetscape.com/download/010editor/
  17. Download and install the 010 Binary and hex editor. You can use a portable version if you want.
  18. Now go here: https://github.com/alphazolam/RE_RSZ and follow the instructions to download it.
  19. Extract the contents to a folder that isn’t RETool, that you will be able to find later.
  20. Launch the 010 Editor
  21. In the top toolbar click: Templates>View Installed Templates
  22. In the window that pops up select “Add Template”
  23. Navigate to the extracted RE_RSZ folder and select the .bt file within.
  24. Click ok to return to the main editor window.
  25. Take a quick break, you’ve earned it.
  26. Next make a new folder, call it whetver you want to call your mod
  27. Inside it your going to create a folder structure that matches the following: natives\stm\appsystem\ch\common\human\userdata\parameter/
  28. Then your going to go the same folder but inside the unpackj .pak folder and copy the file “abilityparameter.user.2” into the “paremeter” folder you just created.
    • This file contains augment data
  29. In the 010 editor click the open file button
  30. Navigate to the file you just copied and open it
  31. Now the fun begins.

In the bottom left window is table of mostly human readable data. That what we are going to use. However while it’s human readable, alot of stuff is in Japanese. Luckily google translate is good enough to understand most of it if you don’t know the language. Finding which entry corresponds to which augment is a little tricky. We need to cross reference the in game description and it’s effects with the values and descriptions in these entries to estimate which is which. Luckily somone has gone to the value of creating a table estimating the true values of augments https://www.reddit.com/r/DragonsDogma/comments/1bqxkj3/augments_and_their_numerical_affects_credit_to/ , so we don’t need to go estimating or calculating them ourselves and i will list the path to each that i can find in the table below so you dont have to.

Next we need to pack our mod back into a useable file and install it:

  1. Double check your mod folder is correct
    • Top level folder should be the mods name
    • Inside it it should be the “natives folder”
    • which should contain a matching file heirachy leading to the file we edited.
    • There should be no other files if your following this guide.
  2. Drag your mod folder onto the “create-DD2-pak.bat” in the RETools folder
  3. This will create a .pak file containing your mod.
  4. Download and install Fluffy Mod Manager: https://www.patreon.com/posts/100042893
    • You can follow Fluffies instructions for making a mod info file if you want to.
  5. Launch the mod manager and select the correct game.
  6. Drag your mods .pak file onto the mod manager to add it
    • It may take a few seconds to show up.
    • if it doesn’t show up try closing and reopening the mod manager to reset its indexer.
  7. Click Launch game and be sure to test your changes.

All augments seem to be the following directory when browsing the file with 010 editor. With each sub folder corresponding to a voaction and each augments values in a sub sub folder of that: app.AbilityParameter/Data/RawData/app.AbilityParameter[58]/List (Object) *JobAbilityParameters

VocAugmentValue(code value)app.AbilityParameter/Data/RawData/app.AbilityParameter[58]/List (Object) *JobAbilityParameters/
FitProvocation+100%(2.0) threat generation/taunt power.List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[0]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[6]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[0]
FitMettle45.0,30.0 Physical Defense. Not sure what the 45 is for.List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[0]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[6]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[1]
FitThew+10(10.0) Itsunos of carryweightList (Object) JobAbilityParameters[0]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[6]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[2]
FitDominion2x (2.0,2.0) duration for carrying and pinning down foes.List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[0]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[6]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[3]
FitDiligence(0.3,1.0) x faster crawl and downed recovery. not sure what the 2nd value is for.List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[0]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[6]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[4]
ArcAmbuscade10%(0.1) more damage to foes who arent aware of you. Not sure if it counts foes blinded by smokescreen or illusory walls.List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[1]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[12]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[0]
ArcEndurance150.0 more staminaList (Object) JobAbilityParameters[1]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[12]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[1]
ArcRadiance0.66 x oil consumption and 2.0x radiusList (Object) JobAbilityParameters[1]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[12]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[2]
ArcLethality5%?(0.05) damage to a foes vitals.List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[1]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[12]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[3]
ArcAvidity1.1,1.1 faster ledge lift animations and climbing foes respectivelyList (Object) JobAbilityParameters[1]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[12]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[4]
MagApotropaism45.0,30.0List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[2]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[18]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[0]
MagBeatitude10.0List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[2]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[18]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[1]
MagIntervention0.70List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[2]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[18]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[2]
MagPerpetuation1.20List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[2]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[18]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[3]
MagExaltation0.1List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[2]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[18]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[4]
ThfSubtlety0.85List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[3]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[24]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[0]
ThfGratification4.0 – code mentions “When delivering the final blow, recovers (Value~Value2)% of own physical strength.” this might be a bad translation and strength might refer to health, but this seems to imply it’s an aproximate % of strength value thats returned, not % of HP.List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[3]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[24]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[1]
ThfPoise0.8List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[3]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[24]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[2]
ThfVigor0.85List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[3]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[24]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[3]
ThfVerve30.0,10.0 +30 strength and +10% base strength?List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[3]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[24]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[4]
WarVitality200.0List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[4]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[30]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[0]
WarImpact1.5List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[4]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[30]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[1]
WarPertinacy30.0List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[4]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[30]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[2]
WarDominance15.0List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[4]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[30]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[3]
WarIntrepidity0.950List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[4]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[30]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[4]
SorAsperity20%(20.0) more debilitation value inflicted on enemies.List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[5]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[36]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[0]
SorStasisSlower consumable aging (75.0),(90.0). 2nd value seems to affect aging rate for all food of all stages. No idea what first value does.List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[5]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[36]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[1]
SorConstancy30%(30.0) more knockdown resistance. Likely does not affect stagger/poise.List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[5]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[36]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[2]
SorCatalysis+5%(5.0) bonus damage from elemental weaknessList (Object) JobAbilityParameters[5]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[36]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[3]
SorSagacity+30Magick(30.0) and +0%(0.0)List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[5]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[36]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[4]
SprConveyance1.1List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[6]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[41]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[0]
SprOpulence1.05List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[6]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[41]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[1]
SprPolarity0.0, 5.0 First value grants a fixed increase.List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[6]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[41]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[2]
SprRefulgance1.050000List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[6]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[41]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[3]
SprAthleticism0.900000List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[6]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[41]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[4]
MASustainment30.0, 0.0 . 2nd value is a % increase, probably of base stats like the othersList (Object) JobAbilityParameters[7]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[48]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[0]
MAVoracity10.0List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[7]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[48]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[1]
MAProlificity1.20List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[7]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[48]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[2]
MAAscendancy30.0, 0.0. 2nd value is a % increase, probably of base statList (Object) JobAbilityParameters[7]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[48]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[3]
MAAmelioration1.0 secondsList (Object) JobAbilityParameters[7]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[48]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[4]
TrkDetection1.5 Range?List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[8]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[54]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[0]
TrkEnlightenment15.0List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[8]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[54]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[1]
TrkFugacity0.35List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[8]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[54]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[2]
TrkObsfucation0.850List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[8]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[54]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[3]
TrkAllure1.1List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[8]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[54]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[4]
WafZeal0.95List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[9]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[57]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[0]
WafDynamism1.0List (Object) JobAbilityParameters[9]/app.AbilityParameter.JobAbilityParameter[57]List (Object) *Abilities[1]/ List (Object) Abilities[1]