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  • Augmented Augment Augmentations

    Augmented Augment Augmentations

    Download it here: Buffs weak augments. Brings similar augments to equal strength and fixes the odd bug. Please note some augments are bugged beyond my ability to fix and some are designed so poorly they may as well be bugged. Ive noted this in the tags and mod notes sections of the below details:… Click to go to page.

  • Augmented Augmentations 2

    Augmented Augmentations 2

    This is a mod for Dragons Dogma 2. It aims to improve the balance and enjoyability of augments in the game, which are both often wildly imbalanced and/or generally not much fun by default. Download it here: Frobones on reddit made handy graphic with inital estimations of the details of each augment, based on data… Click to go to page.

  • Superbly Superior Stats

    Superbly Superior Stats

    Stat growth in this game is dumb, it only punishes players for changing vocations, it has almost no practical effect on actual game balance. For example for a magick archer the physical attack stat is almost irrelevant so why nerf it? It will just make switching to a physical damage focussed class very punishing. HP… Click to go to page.