Craftable Bound Weapons

Allows the player to craft and temper fully functional permanent bound weapons and arrows. Can be crafted at any smithy for 2 filled grand soul gems and tempered for 1 grand soul gem at any grindstone. Fully compatible with relevant perks and most perk mods (bound weapons inherit perks both from conjuration and their relevant skill trees, one handed, archery, 2 handed etc.). These wondrously weightless Unbound weapons are unseen when not in use and can be given to followers.

Known Issues

  1. Most weapons don’t have an inventory icon, the game will assign them a random one. This is purley visual.
  2. Some weapons are invisible until drawn. I consider this a feature personally.


  1. Install and setup Mod Organizer 2
  2. Download the mod using the “Mod Manager Download” button. Link is in the downloads tab.
  3. In mod organizers “Downloads” tab double click the mod you just downloaded.
  4. Click “OK”
  5. click the checkbox next to the mod in the “Mod Name” list.
  6. Ensure the mod is below any of it’s requirements in the plugin list order


  • Should be compatible with anything. This mod adds it’s own recipies and versions of conjured weapons.
  • Anything that alters conjured weapons should also alter these weapons.
  • This mod works for Enderal, Skyrim SE and should work in Skyrim AE.
  • This mod uses no scripts and thus should never need an update.



  • 1.1
    • You can now craft the Mystic versions of each weapon
    • The unbound dagger and mystic version from the DLC