Cut an image into a shape with photoshop



  1. Load your image into photoshop
  2. On a separate layer, insert the shape you want 
  3. Ensure the shapes layer is above the images layer
  4. Position and resize the shape over the part of the image you want it to cut out (if needed). Use ctrl+T or command+T
  5. With the shapes layer selected, use the object selection tool to select the entire shape(you may need to use the bucket tool to fill the shape in if it’s only an outline).
  6. Switch back to the normal/ move tool
  7. Now click the eye icon next to the shapes layer to hide it. This will protect it from accidental edits and move it out of the way.
  8. Select the images layer with left click
  9. Right click inside the selected area and click “Select inverse” (if the option doesn’t show up you may need to rasterize the image first, by right clicking it’s layer and selecting “rasterize”).
  10. Now press the delete key
  11. Done! 😀 Though you may want to resize the canvas, so that the newly cut out image fills it better.

See the video tutorial here! AdFly