Harmonious Half Elf

Brings the subraces into harmony, while maintaining eaches unique theme. This mod will make Half Elves much more powerful in line with my other race mods. Half elves get the inherent weapon and magical proficencies of their elven halves as well as gifts from their other half.

Level 1: All normal Half Elf features +

  • Half Drow picks between Lights,Dancing Lights or minor illusion cantrips
  • Wood Elf get there normal stealth proficeincy, As well as base speed(+4.5 =13.5)  and base jump distance (+2.25 =6.75)
  • High Elf picks two wizard cantrips. Should use your casting ability if you have one, rather than being stuck with int.

Level 2: Applies to all Half Elf subraces:

  • Pick a ritual
  • simple weapon proficency

At levels 3 and 5 Half Drow get faerie fire and darkness as normal. But they should use your casting ability if you have one, rather than being stuck with cha.


  1. In the top bar of Baldurs Gate 3 Mod Manager, in the shortcuts section open the mods folder
  2. extract the .pak to that folder
  3. click refresh in the mod manager or restart the program
  4. drag the mod from th right hand list to the left
  5. If you want to ensure this mod overwrites any incompatible mods changes place it below the other mod. if your installing it to an existing save game thats already modded, i reccomend putting it high in the list.
  6. click the export to game button
  7. done

I do not reccomend or endorse any other mod managers or install methods.


  • Respecing will ussually fix any issues on existing saves.
  • Companions cannot choose theire level one cantrip and are stuck with the default, since respeccing does not allow changes to racial level one features. Complain to Larian.
  • When multiple mods effecting half elves are loaded, the one loaded lowest/last in your load order will overite any incompatiblities from those above/before. But no significant issues should arise.
  • The high elf cantrip list uses the wizard cantrip list like the normal high elf cantrip list and is fully compatible with any mods altering that list.
  • The ritual list is a custom list and require manual patching to use rituals from other mods. Feel free to request spells from other mods, it’s trival to add.
  • Alters progressions.lsx. Other mods that alter half elf entries will conflict. The one loaded last may overwrite the changes of the others.
  • Adds to SpellLists.lsx. Should be comptible with anything else that does.


  • 0.2
    • Has 2 cantrips selected by default
    • Fixed origin and hirelings not getting their extra cantrip
    • Fixed extra cantrip blocking level ups when respecing
    • Added Compatiblity Framework requirement
  • 0.1
    • Released