How to mod descriptions and messages in Dragons Dogma 2. .pak method.

This will guide you to edit augment descriptions for the in game UI. You can edit other files the same way, but i will be focussing on those.

First you need to extract the game files. Follow the first 17 steps of my guide here:

  1. In your re_chunk_000 folder navigate to “re_chunk_000\natives\stm\message\ui”
  2. In your mod folder recreate the same file path.
  3. from the original directory copy the following files to the same directory in your mod folder:
    • job01act.msg.22
    • job02act.msg.22
    • job03act.msg.22
    • job04act.msg.22
    • job05act.msg.22
    • job06act.msg.22
    • job07act.msg.22
    • job08act.msg.22
    • job09act.msg.22
    • job10act.msg.22
    • As you might guess, each one corresponds to a vocation.
  4. Download RE_MSG and extract it to am empty folder you can find again later.
  5. Now drag a .msg file onto the “msg2json.bat” to extract it to an editable JSON format.
  6. The .json will be created next to the .msg file. open it.
  7. Scroll down until you find the lines you want to edit.
  8. Remember to save your changes.
  9. Now select both the edited .json file and the corresponding .msg file and drag them together onto the “json+msg2msg.bat”
  10. This should create a new .msg file.
  11. Now remove or delete the json and original .msg file from your mod directory.
  12. Remove the .new from the end of the edited files name
  13. Repeat steps 5-12 for every .msg you want to edit.
  14. Now you can simply repack the mod and install it
  15. Double check your mod folder is correct
    • Top level folder should be the mods name
    • Inside it it should be the “natives folder”
    • which should contain a matching file heirachy leading to the file we edited.
    • There should be no other files if your following this guide.
  16. Drag your mod folder onto the “create-DD2-pak.bat” in the RETools folder
  17. This will create a .pak file containing your mod.
  18. Download and install Fluffy Mod Manager:
    • You can follow Fluffies instructions for making a mod info file if you want to.
  19. Launch the mod manager and select the correct game.
  20. Drag your mods .pak file onto the mod manager to add it
    • It may take a few seconds to show up.
    • if it doesn’t show up try closing and reopening the mod manager to reset its indexer.
  21. Click Launch game and be sure to test your changes.