Kodaxmaxs Chaotic Cacaphony of Careers – A gamestart Collection



This is a collection of game starts, mostly designed to help veterans sick of early game launch into a specific role-play scenario from the get go. But i also plan to make some challenges and unique starts.

  1. “Honest” Trader – A suped up trader with some positive relations, good stats for a thief and some pack animals.
  2. Unburied Skeletons – A loyal squad of specialists from the old world. A strong military squad with a medic and decent gear.
  3. Nomadic Hivers – A disgraced sub hive, who chose to integrate into humanoid society. Prepared for a lengthy trip to eventually find a place to build a new base.
  4. Cynical Adventurers – Veterans of their fields and sick the worlds ills, set out to make a difference. A strong all rounder squad, prepared for exploration, combat or settling an outpost.


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  2. Enable mod in the mods tab of the game launcher (load order should not matter for this mod)


Compatible with everything.