Modding and merging for Dragons Dogma




The games files are mostly compressed into encrypted .arc files. These files can be extracted and de-encrypted using fluffyquacks ARCtool. Which not only extracts them, but converts them into human readable/ editable file types. Which can be easily repacked into a .arc and used to mod the game files.

Prepare the tools

First we need the latest version of fluffyquacks ARCtool.

  1. Go to fluffyquacks tool archive here:
  2. Download or .rar
  3. Copy the .exe to an empty folder
    1. Note it doesn’t have to be empty technically, but it helps reduce confusion and errors
  4. Go to FluffyQuacks Nexus Mods page for ARCtool here:
    1. This is an older version, but has some optional files we will need, unless you want to mess around writing .bat or command line code.
  5. Copy all of the .bat files beginning with “pc”, into our ARCtool folder from earlier.
    1. do not copy the .exe, it is an older version

Extracting the game files

There are 2 main file types you will want to edit for modding. .xfs and .tex. There are two corresponding batfiles with those file extensions in their name. xfs files contain most game data and are converted to xml. .tex as you might guess are texture files. Decide which you want to edit before continuing.

  1. Go to Steam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC
  2. In this maze of folders is almost all the games data, most of which is packaged in .arcs. See the table below for directions.
    1. For this guide i will assume we are working on the game_main.arc
  3. Copy the .arc to the same folder as the ARCtool
    1. This again is optional, but saves you have to redownload part of the game everytime you want an unmodded .arc.
  4. Drag the .arc onto the relevant .bat file
    1. in this example we want “pc-dd-xfs-conversion.bat”
  5. This will create a folder with a name matching the .arc. Which contains extracted files, with editable .xml duplicates.

Merging Mods

To merge mods, you need to know what files the authors edited within the .arc (if they edited different .arcs, you don’t need to merge the mods). Some authors provide mergeable files or instructions.

If not you may be able to estimate which files they touched using the database below, based on what their mod claims to alter. Then follow the instructions using those files as the “mergable files”.

  1. Once the above is solved, extract the target .arc
    1. you can use a vanilla .arc or one of the mods .arcs
  2. copy the mergable files of the mods to the correct filepaths in the newly extracted folder
  3. Drag the extracted folder onto the relevant .bat
  4. Copy the newly created .arc into the correct filepath in the game files
  5. You are done

Note mods that alter the same files within a .arc cannot be merged, one will overwrite the other.

Repacking to .arc

Once you have finished editing an extracted .arc folder, you can repackage the folder into a .arc, by dragging into onto the relevant .bat.

Modding the files

Each .xml is a little different and difficult to decipher. As not only is alot of written by non native english speakers, it’s also written in entirley undocumented code that uses numbers to name variables. Luckily for you, the community has deciphered some key files. This research i have turned into a guide and database here.

FilenamePathData containedMod examples using this file
game_main.arcSteam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC\romMost stat, skill, quest, augment and item data
stk.arcused in Signette s spell pack
stk.arc may contain mage skills
wan.arcSteam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC\rom\wp\w1used in Signettes spell pack
wan.arc may correspond to sorceror skills or magic or even skills as a whole
bbs_rpg.arcSteam\steamapps\common\DDDA\nativePC\rom/bbs_rpg.arcEquipment stats, enchantments and model dataused in this mod
bld.arcmagick knight shield skills mod:
magic bow skillscontains a commented xml:

Extracted Files

Inside .arcFilenamePath within extracted .arcData containedSources
bbs_rpg.arcitemList.itlbbs_rpg/etc/item/itemList.itlArmor; resistances, str and magick bonuses, vocation equipe restrictions, model, bodyparts, weight, price and possibly more
bbsrpg_core.arct_cm000_00_GM.241F5DEBbbsrpg_core\effect\tex\cm\texture for glow effects
bbsrpg_core.arct_cm040_00_GM.241F5DEBbbsrpg_core\effect\tex\cm\texture for glow effects
game_main.arcLvTrickster.lvlStat gains per level for magick archer
game_main.arcLvPaladin.lvlStat gains per level for mystic knight
game_main.arcLvAssassin.lvlStat gains per level for assasin
game_main.arcquestReward.qrQuest rewards, including currencies, items and possibly which npc gives the quest

Editing itemList.itl

Hex editor:

  1. open extracted file in hex editor
  2. identify which item u wish to edit (see below table)
  3. Save the file and repack the .arc

reading the code

according to by Xervous_

Each items data ends with 31 29

Hex editor:

  1. open extracted file in hex editor
  2. identify which item u wish to edit (see below table)
  3. Save the file and repack the .arc

Further Reading: knows alot about modding npcs and equipment

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a rough model swapping guide by omnitorpor

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