Ordinators Vancian magic less crippling



This mod reduces the magick drain of the vancian magic perk from Ordinator perks of Skyrim by over 1000%, allowing you to have a temporary mana pool through the use of potions or mod added effects (like the atronac stone from andromeda). It also means magicka regen buffs can noticeably slow the mana drain. I tested it with about 350% regen buff and it took about a minute to drain a full bar. With the right build in vanilla skyrim you can reach over 550% and you can get much higher with the average modded game. I don’t think u can regenerate magick naturally, no matter how high you regen buffs, but i only tested this up to 500%. I also altered the perk description to match the new effects, because i don’t expect my players to memorize the changes of all 500 mods in their load order.

By default Vancien magic drains the players magic by a few hundred thousand points per second, completely preventing the ability to cast spells that arn’t free. Not only does this render magicka regen buffs useless, but it can also create alot of other issues with other mods and create some incredibly tedious moments. This mod reduces it too around 3-4% per second. For example a modded quest may not include beds and might not be exitable until your progress further, potentially trapping a mage and forcing them to lower the difficulty to punch their way out of a dungeon or spendĀ  half an hour sparking a centurion to death.


These instructions assume you are using Mod Organizer or are familiar enough with your preffered mod manager to adapt the instructions yourself. If you need more help feel free to leave a comment or contact me, but i make no promises of responding.


Ordinator perks of Skyrim


Compatible with everything including Enderal

  1. Download the mod using the “Mod Manager Download” button. Link is in the downloads tab.
  2. In mod organizers “Downloads” tab double click the mod you just downloaded.
  3. Click “OK”
  4. click the checkbox next to the mod in the “Mod Name” list.
  5. Ensure the mod is below any of it’s requirements in the plugin list order