Discerning Drow



Level 1

All normal drow bonuses.

Instead of Dancing lights Cantrip, you can now choose a cantrip fom among: Dancing Lights, Light, Minor Illusion.

Each subrace can choose an additional Cantrip from the following:

  • Dancing lights
  • Mage Hand
  • Minor Illusion
  • True strike
  • Produce Flame

Selradine :

  • Friends
  • Guidance

Lolth Sworn:

  • Thaumaturgy
  • Viscious Mockery
  • Create Bonfire (with 5E spells)
  • Primal Savagery (with 5E spells)

Level 2

Pick one ritual from the following:

  • Find Familiar
  • Disguise Self
  • Speak with dead
  • Speak with Animals

Level 3

Gain the Fairie Fire spell and Demonsight Eldritch Invocation (displays as superior darkvision in levelup screen, a purely visual bug).

Level 5

Darkness as normal


  1. In the top bar of Baldurs Gate 3 Mod Manager, in the shortcuts section open the mods folder
  2. extract the .pak to that folder
  3. click refresh in the mod manager or restart the program
  4. drag the mod from th right hand list to the left
  5. If you want to ensure this mod overwrites any incompatible mods changes place it below the other mod. if your installing it to an existing save game thats already modded, i reccomend putting it high in the list.
  6. click the export to game button
  7. done

I do not reccomend or endorse any other mod managers or install methods.


  • Race changes ussually require a new save game in my experience. Respecing wont fix it.
  • Adds Entries to Lists/SpellLists.lsx but should be compatible with anything else that edits this file.
  • Alters the 6 Drow entries in Progressions/Progressions.lsx Probably wont be compatible with anything else that does the same.


  • 0.3
    • Each subrace now has a default cantrip assigned.
    • race has light cantrip selected by default
    • Fixed origin and hirelings not getting their cantrip
    • Fixed cantrip blocking level ups when respecing
  • 0.2
    • Removed accidental stat increases
    • Removed Devils Sight
  • 0.1
    • Released